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Breitbart Insists He Feels Terrible For Rep. Weiner And Then Threatens Him With Blackmail

Reported by Ellen - June 7, 2011 -

Andrew Breitbart and Sean Hannity could barely contain their smug satisfaction over Breitbart’s “vindication” at having brought about the humiliation – but not the resignation – of Rep. Anthony Weiner. But they wanted Weiner and their television audience to know how deeply bad they feel about the whole thing. Really. Just pay no attention to the threat of blackmail Breitbart made toward Weiner near the end of the segment.

Once again, Sean Hannity welcomed Breitbart to the airwaves without a concern for his long history of deceit, deception and dissembling. Once again, Breitbart spent much of his airtime griping about his victimhood. You could be excused for thinking he was the one who received the explicit photos from Weiner.

Hannity also had a gripe. He complained that Weiner “only mentioned Andrew Breitbart in passing.” I don’t know what Hannity wanted – Weiner to fall to the floor and beg Breitbart’s forgiveness for casting doubt on his already cloudy reputation? Hannity played a clip of Weiner apologizing in his press conference to Breitbart. That’s more than Breitbart did for Shirley Sherrod.

During the segment, Breitbart apologized to his family for deserting them over Memorial Day weekend as he pursued this story - but it wasn’t his fault! That vicious left-wing was attacking him again!!! Instead of saving it for his wife, he whined to the viewers, “When these ideas get out there in the media, you have to fight back or they become the truth even if they’re not truthful. So to me this mattered. I was out there trying to get to the truth of the story to vindicate myself because so many people in the media were trying to use this again to try and bury me.”

OK, Breitbart. You were “vindicated” this time. Why don’t you stand up and take some responsibility for lying about the deceptive ACORN videos, baselessly costing Shirley Sherrod her job while you went on a vendetta against the NAACP, and your “highly distorted” university videos?

Not that Hannity was about to press the matter. He and Breitbart had an exchange proving just how cozy their relationship is. The two chatted about how Breitbart called Hannity the night before, let him know the big story was breaking and offered him photos. Coincidentally, one of Breitbart’s female sources has taped an interview with Hannity – teased ad nauseum during the show – to air on Tuesday. They’re just one big, happy “fair and balanced” family over there on Fox News!

But poor Breitbart – the guy who threatened to blackmail President Obama, the guy who hoped to bring down the institutional left in three weeks (more than a year ago) – is just so unfairly persecuted. “There’s a lot of vetting going on because even when you get a story airtight, they still attack you.”

Nevertheless, we had the chance to see what a noble character Breitbart has. It’s only because of the awful injustices to be visited on himself that he took on the unpleasant task of going after Weiner. Now addressing the Congressman, Breitbart said, “You gotta trust me on this, you know, Congressman Weiner. I am not enjoying the salacious aspect of this – and I was at that press conference and he’s not gonna believe me but I felt like crap for this man. I felt like crap for this man …and I’m torn between my desire to forgive the man for whatever private sins he had but had I not shown these photos today, he would have continued down a campaign of smearing me. This was about vindication and when I sat there watching it, it was pathetic to watch that this is what this man has…” Breitbart never finished the sentence.

“I felt the same thing,” Hannity assured us. Of course, that didn’t stop him from spending almost the entire show on Weiner. Or distorting the truth. Hannity said, “When you see a broken person and you know the impact it’s having on his family, etc., but he still should have resigned. Every Republican resigned.”

Well, except David Vitter and Rudy Giuliani, to name a few. And last I checked Newt Gingrich was back in action. Same goes for Breitbart protégé James O’Keefe – you know, the one who pleaded guilty to a lesser charge after being arrested for trying to tamper with Sen. Mary Landrieu’s phones and then reportedly tried to seduce and humiliate CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau. Sherrod is suing Breitbart for damaging her reputation with his deceptively edited video falsely portraying her as a racist yet he's treated as a respectable, if not outstanding muckraker on Fox News. You have to wonder if there’s any limit to the lying and deceit Breitbart gets to get away with on Fox News.

Near the end of the segment, Breitbart was able to push aside his tenderhearted feelings for Weiner in favor of noble feelings for the women he sexted. In fact, Breitbart’s feelings were so noble, he threatened Weiner with blackmail. “I know how politics works,” Breitbart said. “I know how the politics of personal destruction works. I know how the private detectives work. Don’t go after Meagan (presumably Meagan Broussard, the woman interviewed by Hannity). Don’t go after the other girls and I’m paying attention. And that’s all I can say.”

This is at least the third threat Breitbart has issued on Fox News. How many does he get to get away with?

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