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After Demonstrating A Shocking Ignorance Of Paul Revere, Palin Lectures Fox Viewers The Importance Of Being “In Touch With Our Nation’s History”

Reported by Ellen - June 4, 2011 -

Sarah Palin spent three segments on Hannity last night for some more promotion of her bus trip publicity stunt. Not surprisingly, there were no questions about her latest gaffe – in which she shockingly alleged that Paul Revere “warned, uh, the British that they weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms uh, by ringing those bells.” This during what was supposed to be a celebration of America’s roots and origins. Maybe not even Hannity could offer enough Republican rehab for that one. But that didn’t cause any tarnish to her presidential luster, to listen to Hannity. He sat silent and approving as she lectured Fox News viewers about the importance of learning about America’s history.

Early in the interview, Palin told Hannity,

The whole purpose of this tour is to showcase America’s foundation, to talk about our Constitution, to hand out Constitutions – copy of our Constitution – as we go along looking at the historical sites on this east coast that is so beautiful, so rich in history. Sean, it’s so important that we be in touch with our nation’s history, with our past, so that we can learn from it and so that we can move forward in these very heady days in front of us, successfully. We only can do that by learning more about our past. So we’re highlighting what it is that built America, our strong foundation in order to move forward.

It’s worth noting that Fox Nation helped Palin rewrite American history by posting the video of her – uh, revisionist explanation of Paul Revere’s famous ride with the title Palin Explains Paul Revere's Ride. You have to think they’re banking on their readers being as ignorant as she is.


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