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Romney Announces, Runs To Hannity For Lapdog Interview

Reported by Ellen - June 3, 2011 -

Mitt Romney announced his 2012 presidential candidacy on Thursday (6/2/11) and – Surprise! Surprise! – that very day he did a lengthy infomercial interview on Hannity.

In Part 1, Romney discussed – with prompting from Sean Hannity – ways in which Obama has failed in his dealings with the economy. No challenges from Hannity on anything. Instead, he asked such leading questions as, “You even said that we are inches away from not being a free-market economy. What did you mean by that? …Would you define America now as on the verge of socialism?”

Romney also attacked Obama’s foreign policy, as Hannity murmured his approval.

Of course, there was plenty of time for Romney to talk up his own cred. And Hannity did his best to give Romney the chance to explain away “RomneyCare.” Hannity said, “I really want to give you an opportunity today to address the conservatives, the tea party movement and explain to them – because that keeps coming up again and again – what happened, what the bill was about, how you differentiate that from Obamacare.”

Hannity even prompted Romney to talk about his original reservations about the Massachusetts bill.

Here’s the whole thing, if you can stomach it.

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