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Isn't It Time Sen. Bernie Sanders Was On One Of The Sunday Shows Again?

Reported by Ellen - June 3, 2011 -

Our friends at Brave New Films have a new action - working to get Sen. Bernie Sanders booked on the Sunday talk shows. Producer Robert Greenwald notes that while Sanders' last appearance on one of the Sunday morning shows was last year, Sen. John McCain has already appeared 10 times, Sen. Lindsey Graham six times and Sen. Joe Lieberman five times this year.

Greenwald wrote on the Huffington Post:

Senator Sanders is a bold voice, and one that's missing every Sunday. He's a passionate advocate for the middle class and yet his last morning show appearance came late last year.

...The Sunday shows often set the tone for the upcoming political week. As the same voices drone on, the Senator's absence means the political and media elites are overlooking the forces squeezing working and middle class Americans.

Greenwald also notes that the lack of an authentic advocate for working and middle class Americans creates "an echo chamber within an echo chamber," a group of "conventional wisdom weather vanes," all for spending cuts, just of different sizes. Sanders, on the other hand, has a unique perspective and, at the same time, is an engaging personality.

Will you call or write producers for Face the Nation, This Week, Meet the Press and State of the Union and respectfully ask them to bring Bernie on?

Face the Nation: Carin Pratt, (202) 457-4481, ftn@cbsnews.com

Meet the Press: Iliana Drimmer, (202) 885-4598, ilana.drimmer@nbcuni.com

This Week: (212) 456-7777 (push 5 and address your message to Rick Kaplan, executive producer of This Week)

State of the Union: Michelle Jaconi, (404) 827-1500, michelle.jaconi@turner.com

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