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Fox News' Father Jonathan Morris Pimps "Jesus Daily" Facebook Page

Reported by Priscilla - June 3, 2011 -

In addition to being "America's Newsroom," Fox "News" could also be described as the Vatican's newsroom as they provide lots of pulpit time for Catholic priest, Father Jonathan Morris "who offers coverage of the ethical, social, and religious news stories of the day" - coverage which includes advising Catholics not to vote for Obama! Morris, who also does official priest stuff at NY City's Old St. Patrick's Cathedral and will be a speaker for anybody who want cough up the cash, does a little homily on Sunday's Fox & Friends during which he offers his Catholic perspective on the gospel of Fox "News." Given Roger Ailes strong affection for Catholicism, it's not surprising that Morris is a regular on Fox which is a reflection of Roger Ailes love of Christianity and not so loving feelings about Islam. And in addition to providing his Catholic perspective last Sunday on weekend Fox & Friends, the cute little padre did a little proselytizing for a non-Catholic proselytizing "Jesus Daily" Facebook webpage. As the "Church Lady" would say, "isn't that special" that Father Morris gets a pulpit at Fox "News."

Clayton Morris introduced the segment with a brief Lady Gaga clip and the comment: "Forget Lady Gaga, Jesus has come out on top as the most engaging page on Facebook." The chyron reinforced the Christian agitprop: God Over Gaga and Bieber, Jesus Facebook Most Engaging." ("All Facebook" doesn't describe how it defines "engaging" but on the Facebook "leaderboard," "Texas Hold'em Poker" is the leader with 43,960, 801 fans while "Jesus Daily" has 4,968,327 fans so go figure!) Morris asked if "people should be getting their daily dose of religion from social media instead of heading off to church?" Fr. Morris said it wasn't "worshipping" but "inspiration." He then cited "Jesus Daily" as an example of this. ("Jesus Daily" is run by an evangelical Christian doctor who also hawks soy products and special diets) He talked about how he uses his Facebook to get people to get involved in spiritual discussions. (And it sure helps Fox News viewer stats as he gets to promote his upcoming Fox appearances and his Facebook fans do reference having seen him on TeeVee!) Clayton Morris mentioned that the intention of this Facebook page is to get 50,000 to "accept Christ." Afte he added that technology has become a vehicle for social change, such as in Egypt, Father Morris said that religious social media isn't "an organized event" but "individual people trying to share their faith." (And again, a vehicle for Father Morris to promote himself and Fox News - something for everyone!) He said that "it's a good day" when faith based media can beat Lady Gaga.

Wall of genius Ainsley Earhardt asked if Morris had seen the report about how the steeple on the Catholic Church is still standing after the Missouri tornado. (This echoes what Clayton Morris said on another Fox & Friends segment which was about how prayer can win you a cool mil.) Fr.Morris said "amazing" and how a "cynical person would say 'but what about the people who get killed'?" (And if you're not Christian, you might not be as impressed with the standing cross while your home is in ruins!) When Fr. Morris said that these are "signs" that the world isn't perfect, good Christian (are there any other kind of Fox hosts, except for Scientologist Greta, Jewish Chris Wallace, and maybe Geraldo and Shep, on Fox "News?") Ainsley finished the thought with " and that God is still with us." After Fr. Morris cited "signs and symbols" that God has touched us, angelic Ainsley said "we heard stories like that after 9-11. There were crosses and symbols still left behind."

Comment: Not only did Father Morris help out "Jesus Daily" (where you can get prayers to help your porn additions. Seriously!); but he got in a plug for his own Facebook page. I guess he's just following Jesus' dictum to make Fox News disciples of all nations. Once again we see how Jesus is just allright with Fox! (BTW, the picture of Jesus, on the website, is totally treacly).

*Ainsley Earhardt is yet another in the Fox "News" stable of Christian soldiers.
"A bit more digging reveals that Earhardt is originally from South Carolina. As for being a Christian with fairly conserative values, in this article Ainsley mentions that the two people with whom she would most like to have dinner are Jesus and Ronald Reagan. Of the late, great president, she says: "I love Ronald Reagan. I respect him because he, as an individual, came from nothing. He was very close to his mother, came from a Catholic background and worked his way up becoming an actor and then President of the U.S. I thought he was so handsome; he was a wonderful husband who loved his wife, just an honorable man. I thought that some of the decisions he made as President were great."


A "spiritual" comment on Morris' Facebook

Morris "friend" Annette has learned her Fox Catechism very well

Morris pimping Fox News (and his book)Morris%20IV.jpg

Morris pimping himself (whoops, being "inspirational")

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