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Sean Hannity Takes Credit For Weinergate

Reported by Ellen - June 2, 2011 -

Sean Hannity announced with great pride last night that Weinergate, the most inconsequential “controversy” since the faux controversy over Common going to the White House, “may have all originated right here on Hannity.” How? According to Hannity, the Washington Post has reported that the college student who received the now-infamous Weiner weiner pic, “began following his (Rep. Anthony Weiner's) Twitter feed after watching his debate with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann right here on Hannity.” Hannity then trotted out sourpuss Michelle Malkin to add her self-righteous sanctimony to the story.

Malkin was as self-righteous and sanctimonious as ever but this time, she also brought baseless scandal-mongering to her punditry by suggesting – without actual evidence – that Weiner was somehow engaged in some kind of improper relationship with young women.

After noting out of “compassion” for Weiner’s wife that she was probably a lot more upset than Weiner was acknowledging, Malkin sneered, “He picked up a lot of these young female followers as a result of them fawning over his TV appearances.”

Malkin railed on smugly about the importance of following up on new questions “that certainly need to be answered at some point, particularly the reference that he made, in one particular tweet, to Seattle (where the college student recipient was) – you know, he was telling his followers that he was going to be on another TV show… and of course he’s brushing that off as some sort of pure coincidence when it doesn’t make any sense.” She added “the simplest explanation is usually the right one… that he accidentally sent this out publicly when he meant to send it out privately and if not him, then somebody that he knew had access to his account.”

And this matters why? The college student is not a minor, there is no evidence to indicate - at worst - that Weiner did anything more than send a suggestive photo to an adult. To me, Weiner’s behavior suggests the hacking was an inside job or a prank – which would make the whole thing matter even less.

But by all means, let’s keep talking about it. It’s a lot more sexy than the economy, gas prices or those three military conflicts that are costing so much American blood and treasure. It’s even sexier than the entire roster of Republican 2012 candidates combined.

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