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Gretchen Carlson: School Prayer Thwarted By Minority Imposing Will Over Majority

Reported by Priscilla - June 2, 2011 -

Fox & Friends is so predictable. When these good Fox News Christians wanted to promote their message of how the evil ACLU was trying to stop a high school graduation in a Christian themed hall (a little Christian lie because that was not the case), they pulled in a student and two parents to push the propaganda. On Tuesday, they ran with yet another Christian outrage; i.e. an evil agnostic family was trying to stop the good Christian kids in a Texas high school from having prayer at the school graduation. I suspected that the "Friends" might pull the same kind of stunt - i.e. using students - to push this week's requisite Christian whine. I suspect that they would and I ended my thread with this thought: "BTW, wonder if one of the upset students will be on tomorrow's Fox & Friends." Turns out that they did. Oh, snap, if only my powers of prognostication extended to picking winning lottery numbers. Oh, right, Fox & Friends says that if I pray to Jesus, I'll be on easy street!

On Tuesday, Steve Doocy and legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. said that it was "disturbing" that public school students might not be able to use their First Amendment rights to engage in organized (but non sectarian!) prayer at a school graduation pending the outcome of a court hearing brought by the evil "Americans United for Separation of Church and State. They stressed the meme, used in the previous graduation case, that this insult to tradition was caused by just one party. They played video of students saying how "disappointed" they were. Well, quelle surprise, but on Wednesday, the outrage continued. Former Miss America and very good Christian, Gretchen Carlson, full of her patented, righteous Christian indignation, reported that "Apparently a high school graduation in Medina, TX is not the place for prayer." (No shit Sherlock. It's called separation of church and state.) She said that the ruling "infuriated parents and students." As she spoke, the graphic included a Christian cross. She introduced the propaganda bait, a Christian student and both his Christian parents.

In summarizing the situation Gretch said - are ya ready for it - "you can't have prayer because of one person." (Not you can't have prayer because a decision was made based on various SCOTUS decisions regarding school prayer being a First Amendment violation.) In keeping with the designated script, the kid, Zachary Jungman, said it was "unfair" because it was "part of a tradition." (Ah, love those "traditions" - just like good, old American segregation!) He said "it should happen during graduation," and in keeping with the script said that "it wasn't fair that one student gets to decide" for the rest of the students. (Right, like when those "uppity" black folks wanted to attend school with the white kids when the "majority" didn't want that to happen!) Gretch asked the father,who went to the school, "you obviously had the prayer, right." When he said yes, she said "and you believe that it should continue." (That proves it!)!). He talked about "a big Catholic presence" in the area. (So Protestants and Jews, screw you) And BTW, if Catholics want their kids to say Catholic prayers, they can send them to Catholic Schools.

Her voice getting softer, Carlson referenced how they "cover so many of these stories where it appears that one family or one person that has a problem with prayer at some event and before you know it they've gone to court to change the whole thing for the majority." Shellie Jungman said that the prayer should be said if the majority wants it. Gretch then read a quote from the "AU" Rev. Barry Lynn about school prayer. Rather than asking about the legal ramifications, Gretch asked Matthew Jungman what he thought "knowing your son wanted to take part in a graduation where the prayer was there for traditional purposes." He continued with what really seemed to be more of Ailes talking points: "Why should one person decide what everybody else and the majority wants to happen...they just want to have traditional things..." And then came the scapegoating and possible future Christian death threats when Gretchen Carlson provided the names (which can be found in articles) of the couple who brought the case. She referenced how they are agnostic. She asked if the Jungman's knew him and said that "it can't be a comfortable moment for him in the school." (No Shit, Sherlock!). Ms. Jungman blamed them by saying that "they should have thought about that" and added it that it didn't matter that the kid is suffering because "so are the other children." Carlson said "exactly." Gretch was said when she said that the boy's graduation will be different."

Talking Point Chyrons:
"Majority Loses, 238 Students Set to Graduate" (and they still can!)
"Minority Rules, Ruling Bans Prayer at TX Graduation"
"Prohibiting Prayer, Lawsuit Against TX School District Wins"
"Commencement Controversy. Judge Rules Prayers Must Be Removed

And the propaganda winner: "Faith Under Fire, No Prayer in Invocation and Benediction"

Comment: So who cares about the First Amendment if the "majority" want school prayer. Of all the unfair & unbalanced "persecuted Christian" pieces that I've seen on Fox & Friends, this one has to be the worst. This isn't about, as framed by Fox & Friends, the tyranny of the minority. As is said on the AU blog, "It’s about making sure that every student feels welcomed and accepted by his or her school. In order to achieve that, the courts, including the Supreme Court, have declared that public schools can’t choose religion over non-religion or favor any particular faith. It’s pretty simple, and it’s the only fair and constitutional way for school officials to behave." Too bad that Fox & Friends doesn't understand that. Oh right, they're doing the Lord's work!


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