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Bill O’Reilly Peeved That Feds Not Viewing Weinergate As A National Emergency, Compares It To Wikileaks

Reported by Ellen - June 2, 2011 -

Yesterday, I posted about Bill O’Reilly’s marching orders for the FBI and the supposedly urgent need for them to investigate the mysteriously tweeted photo of a man's bulging underwear from Anthony Weiner's Twitter account. O’Reilly contends that he’s concerned with national cyber security – if Weiner’s account was truly hacked, as Weiner claims, it’s of vital interest to the country to investigate any breaches of Congressional computers ASAP. If Weiner is not telling the truth, an FBI investigation would greatly embarrass him, of course, a factor O'Reilly downplayed. But if O’Reilly were really only concerned about national security and the vulnerability of Congressional computers, he’d do a real investigation into that subject as a whole instead of ordering the feds to do his bidding about investigating liberal Democrat Weiner and then claiming he only had national interests at heart. In a priceless moment of arrogance, O’Reilly declared, “It’s him (Weiner’s penis) in the photograph!”

With so many Fox News assets at his disposal, surely O’Reilly could have arranged if not a real investigation then at least an interview with a real expert on the subject of governmental cybersecurity. Instead, we got O'Reilly fear mongering and scolding the federal government for not heeding his call.

“The FBI should be involved in this story, but they will not confirm anything to us. That’s wrong because national security’s involved,” O’Reilly intoned during the Talking Points segment that opened the show. He went on to compare Weinergate to Wikileaks. Of course, Wikileaks was a huge breach of important and sensitive high-level information. Weinergate, on the other hand, was a release of an embarrassing photo. O’Reilly doesn’t even know whether or not Weiner’s computer or his Twitter account was hacked. In fact, there may not have been a hacking at all. It could have been an aide or friend of Weiner’s who somehow or another had access to the account or knew where Weiner stored his password(s).

Nevertheless, O’Reilly said gravely, “The USA simply cannot stand by and allow members of Congress to be attacked by cybercriminals.” As if he knew this had actually happened.

By his own admission, O’Reilly really has no idea whether or not the FBI is involved. What seems to peeve him the most is that they would not tell him. They need to “tell the folks they’re on the case,” O’Reilly commanded. Why? So Fox News knows whether they can spend even more time going after Weiner?

So whom did O’Reilly turn to next? Republican Congressman Cliff Stearns, Chairman of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the Energy Committee. Stearns, O’Reilly assured us is calling for a federal investigation into “the Weiner situation.”

Unfortunately, Stearns was not seizing the moment and running with it the way O'Reilly hoped. Stearns said he has written to Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano asking her to look into cyber security and assure Congress that their Iphones and Blackberries are safe.

Janet Napolitano? Oh, no, that's not what the country needs, as per O'Reilly. It needs the FBI and it needs the FBI to tell O'Reilly whether or not it's investigating Weiner.

Here’s what I don’t understand. I think a lot of my viewers feel the same way. We call the FBI. The FBI won’t tell us anything. All we asked them is, ‘Are you going to get involved?’ The FBI – we pay their salaries, alright? Now, you’re a powerful guy on this investigations committee, you have oversight into a lot of areas. So, alright, you call Janet Napolitano, the Homeland Security chief. But I think it’s a Federal Bureau of Investigation deal!

Stearns did not buy it. He thought House Security should investigate.

Not good enough for O’Reilly!

I’m not feeling a sense of urgency. I have a sense of urgency about this! If Weiner’s telling the truth, this is big! This is big! A Congressman gets some kind of risqué photo sent around the country? Come on! The implications are staggering here!

Stearns figured out pretty quickly the agenda and began to attack Weiner for not cooperating and saying whether or not the photo was of him.

O’Reilly’s national security mask slipped a bit to reveal another possible concern about this.

Now, if he’s lying, if he wasn’t hacked into, he’s committing a crime! Weiner’s committing a crime, if he’s not telling the truth!

Of course, there's plenty of reason to have suspected Ann Coulter of committing voter fraud twice, in two different states, but I don't recall O'Reilly ever demanding any kind of investigation into what she did. In fact, I don't believe he's even mentioned it.

As Stearns said that Weiner should cooperate more and let investigators go into his computer to see what’s there and what happened, O’Reilly interrupted.

Look, let’s be honest here. Come on. It’s him in the photograph. It’s him. It is him. It’s how the photograph got out of his possession. It’s him.

Stearns was just not getting fired up over this “emergency” the way O’Reilly thought he should, the way O’Reilly demanded.

I’m not seeing the urgency here at the federal level. We need somebody to champion this cause and I guess it’s gonna be you. But you guys got to get on this!

Stearns, who probably knows a real emergency from a manufactured one, said he thought the House should look into it first and see if it’s just “a slight thing.” He added, “I think going to the FBI at this point might be a little premature.”

“I don’t mind them (Capitol Hill police) starting an investigation,” O’Reilly generously allowed, “but I think the FBI has got to be, got to be called in on this. I don’t even mind if it’s an advisory deal but there’s gotta be some urgency. Right now there isn’t.” He complained that right now it’s a “dog and pony show” about whether Weiner sent a “stupid picture” but “this is far, far more than that.”

Knowing O’Reilly, Fox and their antagonism toward Eric Holder, they’ll be looking for a way to drag him into this latest faux controversy.

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