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Red Eye Falls For Fake News Hounds Email

Reported by Ellen - June 1, 2011 -

Much to my surprise, Red Eye's Greg Gutfeld was talking about us last night after reading an email he got from someone claiming to work for News Hounds. According to Gutfeld, "Michael," from White Bear Lake, MN, wrote, "I work for News Hounds and as you know, we monitor Fox News Channel. I have the late shift so Red Eye falls into my slot. I just want to assure you that we at News Hounds do not find you or 'Red Eye' funny in the least. I would much rather be watching Jon Stewart or Whoopi Goldberg -- now that's funny!" Well, I agree with the not-funny part but I can assure Gutfeld and the rest of the cast at Red Eye that the email is a hoax. There is no News Hound blogger named Michael, none that lives in Minnesota and none that is assigned to a late shift. But the following snark was priceless, in a Red Eye sort of way. UPDATED

Addressing "Michael," Gutfeld said he admired him for "admitting you have a job that entails monitoring Fox News. I'm sure at social gatherings when someone asks your parents how their little Michael is doing, they beam with pride when they say, 'He sits at home in his underwear, sniffing his fingers, writing blogs about Fox News. He has never so much as touched a girl. Thank God our love, advice and financial support has resulted in something not at all embarrassing. Now will someone please shoot us in our sleep."

The crew cracked up and erupted in further hilarity, which you can watch below.

Meanwhile, the episode was captured on YouTube and posted by the News Hounds obsessed Johnny Dollar. Yes, the same Johnny Dollar who just one day before attacked us for being "duped by ticker hack hoax" was duped by an email hoax didn't bother to check out in his own report. You may recall that Dollar is so fascinated by News Hounds that he used to have my photo on his home page and is so devoted to meticulous fact-checking that he (erroneously) accused me of lying when, in wishing Fox reporter Jennifer Griffin a speedy recovery from breast cancer, I noted that we at News Hounds considered her "one of the best reporters on Fox News, if not the best reporter." Yes, THAT Johnny Dollar didn't seem to notice that we have never had a poster named Michael, that we don't regularly post about Red Eye (the only Fox News show aired after On The Record that isn't a repeat of another show) and didn't seem to care enough to inquire. Instead, Johnny Dollar proved his own self to be just as hypocritical as he never tires of calling others by posting the Red Eye video and saying it's about News Hounds.

To that, I say: Thanks for posting the video so I didn't have to and for revealing your own true colors at the same time.

Oh, and Michael? If you're out there, drop me an email. We can always use some extra help around here.

UPDATE: I posted a copy of the email I sent Red Eye about this segment in the comments thread.

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