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Palin Takes Van Susteren For A Ride On The Publicity Stunt, Non-Campaign Bus

Reported by Ellen - June 1, 2011 -

Greta Van Susteren devoted at least half of On The Record last night (5/31/11) to Sarah Palin’s publicity stunt bus ride. Palin wants everyone to know that even though the bus quacks an awful lot like a campaign bus, and even though she’s still got that “fire in the belly” to solve our problems, the bus tour is not about her but about “highlighting the great things about America.” Never mind that she spent nearly all of the interview criticizing America rather than highlighting anything good - much less great - about the country. Palin also got a few of her facts wrong while she was whining – none of which Van Susteren noted. And memo to Palin: “heady” means exhilarating or intoxicating. Did you mean to say, “heavy?”

“It’s not about me,” Palin told Van Susteren with a straight face. “It’s not a publicity-seeking tour, it’s about highlighting the great things about America… I’m going to be out there, talking about the good things about America… I want the kids across America to realize what it is that built America, how important it is that we restore what’s good and free and patriotic about America so that we can prepare ourselves for the heady days ahead because we have huge challenges ahead.”

Maybe when she was “out there” she’d be talking about those good things. But she spent the bulk of her time with Van Susteren talking about what's bad about America:

For starters, there's the media. Palin made plain her disdain from the media right off the bat:

Many in the mainstream media are looking for kind of a conventional, a campaign-type tour and I’ve said from the beginning this isn’t a campaign tour – except to campaign on our Constitution, our charters of liberty – and they want kind of a conventional idea – we want a schedule, we want to follow you, we want you to bring us along with you. I’m like a) I don’t think I owe anything to the mainstream media.

… The last thing I worry about, really, is the mainstream media and how they are going to perceive me, my family, my friends, as we go along the way this summer.

She didn’t have anything good to say about either the economy or our national security.

We’re going bankrupt, we have national security issues that I believe are not being addressed adequately and in order to know where we have to head as a country, we have to know where it is that we came from, what our foundation is.

Van Susteren noted that on Palin’s Facebook page, she opposes aid for Egypt. That was another part of America Palin wasn’t happy about.

“Why should our U.S. dollar go to support a government that perhaps will not be friendly to the American government?”

“If we don’t do things differently,” Palin said, we won’t just be bankrupt, we’ll “continue to have this foreign policy that essentially is snubbing our friends and rewarding those who have not always been good to America, the coddling of some enemies. We have to reverse that.”

There are too many welfare queens in Sarah Palin’s America, too, and not just in “the inner city.” Incentives to create jobs are important, Palin said, and not just because we need more jobs.

…So that we can stop this entitlement mentality, too, of not just inner city but so many in America who are believing that, ‘Well, you know, government’s gonna provide for me so if I can’t find a job today, I’m going to be able to or have to rely on government.’ We need to change that vicious cycle, too, because we’re going on a couple of generations here with, in some parts, believing the government will provide for all.

Medicare and Social Security? They’re not so great either. She called them a “ponzi scheme” that needs to be reformed.

She had nothing good to say about our president.

President Obama is dead wrong – he’s deceiving the public in making it sound like we can just go along the way that we’ve been going.

Democrats? Nope.

The Democrat Party hasn’t even produced a budget again this year they have not produced the reform packages that they have promised. They are deceiving the public.

Actually, President Obama has produced a budget. He sent it to Congress in February.

The only American Palin had praise for was Rep. Paul Ryan, the man whose Medicare plan helped a Democrat win a reliably Republican seat in a special election in upstate New York last week.
“Thank you, Representative Ryan for coming out with a plan!” Palin gushed.

Palin attacked others for not coming out with a plan of their own. But she somehow overlooked the fact that the 75-member House Progressive Caucus issued their own budget recently to counter Ryan's plan.

Palin wasn’t exactly gushing over Republicans, either, though she blamed the public’s disappointment in them on the liberal media.

A lot of the disappointment in the Republican Party has to do with Democrat pundits and many in the media making it sound like the Republicans haven’t even tried.

Near the end, Palin answered Van Susteren’s question “How does one inspire the American people to stop fighting and get on the same page?” by saying, “You stop fighting by taking a step back and looking at the facts.” And then, in a moment of unintentional irony and hilarity, she told a mean-spirited whopper. "Look at the debt that has been accumulated in the last two years, it’s more debt under this president than all those other presidents combined."

But in a post called The $7 Trillion Lie, Think Progress noted,

This is flatly false. When Obama took office the debt stood at $10.6 trillion. After inheriting two wars and the worst economy since the Great Depression, the debt has grown by $3.7 trillion since Obama has been in office. Palin is off by about $7 trillion.

So not only has the deficit not increased more under Obama than all other Presidents combined, it has increased less under Obama than our last president, George W. Bush. Under President Bush, who inherited a $236 billion budget surplus from President Clinton, the deficit increased by $4.9 trillion.

Van Susteren asked some substantive questions but she managed to overlook Palin constantly knocking the country she was supposedly celebrating. And coincidentally or not, Van Susteren gave Palin a platform for offering her thoughts on just about everything else – the same things a candidate would be talking about, including an opportunity to talk again about that fire in Palin’s belly.

I’m fired up to share with America what many of the solutions can and should be. It’s all common sense and really it’s not rocket science what it is the decision makers in our country can and should be doing to turn some things around.

Palin said that one reason she’s being secretive about her bus itinerary is security and the other one is cost. If the price of gasoline goes up too much more, multimillionaire Palin said, “We’re not gonna be able to go too far... in a rig like this.” Translation: They’re making it up as they go along.

Anyone want to bet they’ll quit this trip before long – probably just as that “lamestream” media spotlight turns away?

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