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O’Reilly Issues Marching Orders For The FBI Over Weinergate

Reported by Ellen - June 1, 2011 -

Why on earth is the media obsessing about Anthony Weiner’s Weinergate? Even if his Twitter account was not hacked, as he has claimed, and he did send the photo of a telltale bulge in underwear to a 21 year-old female student, it’s not like he committed a crime. And I can think of lots of reasons why he would not want to discuss the matter that don’t point to his guilt – such as the possibility that an aide or someone else with access to his account sent the photo either as a joke or by mistake or out of hostility. But to Bill O’Reilly, this is not only a serious matter, he demanded last night (5/31/11) that the FBI “confirm or deny” whether or not they are investigating.

Fox News’ Lis Wiehl told O'Reilly she had contacted the FBI to find out if they were investigating. Presumably, an FBI investigation would prove that Weiner had reported the incident to them and point to corroboration of the hacking – which conservatives are casting doubt on. Wiehl told O’Reilly that the FBI “would not confirm or deny” whether or not they were investigating.

That was not the right answer for uber “looking out for conservatives you” guy O’Reilly. “That’s wrong,” he lectured. “We pay their salaries… This is a serious situation… If a hacker is coming in and able to breach security of a sitting Congress person, it’s a big deal. I don’t care what picture’s involved.”

I guess that’s one of the laws that is a big deal to O’Reilly – unlike the Maryland wiretap law. It didn’t seem to bother O’Reilly all that much when ACORN videographer James O’Keefe - who, by the way, is the one O'Reilly said he admired even after he allegedly violated Maryland law - was arrested for tampering with Senator Mary Landrieu’s phones when she was a sitting member of Congress, either.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, the one-time liberal who now can’t seem to find a conservative talking point she won’t endorse, agreed with O’Reilly “absolutely.” In a mockery of “innocent until proven guilty,” she added, “So far, there isn’t proof that he didn’t send it.”

O’Reilly intoned gravely, “I want the FBI to tell the American public and tomorrow I’m gonna insist – what they’re doing about this… If (Weiner’s) made the allegation, it has to be investigated, it has to be! …Tomorrow, with all due respect, Mr. Mueller, the head of the FBI, we’re gonna want a statement from you – with all due respect.”

With all due respect, Bill, regardless of who you're looking after, the FBI does not take its marching orders from you.

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