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Steve Doocy & Peter Johnson, Jr. Pimp TX School Graduation Prayer

Reported by Priscilla - May 31, 2011 -

As America's go to place for America's legion of persecuted American Christians, Jesus' friends on Fox & Friends are always willing to take up the fight against the evil, secular, and Satanic forces of the those who are constantly trying impose their evil ways on God's people. And fresh from the jaws of defeat at the hands of the evil ACLU, which forced a compromise on a church/state issue in New Jersey, the Christian soldiers on Fox & Friends are back on the battle lines against those nasty and godless people who try to impose their nasty and godless ways on poor students who just want to say a little "sectarian" prayer at their graduation ceremony. It seems just one nasty and godless family is objecting to the inclusion of prayer at a Texas high school graduation. But Jesus is not weeping because good Christians Steve Doocy and Fox legal analyst Peter Johnson, Jr. are there to defend what Peter Johnson claims is "disturbing" and what Steve Doocy says could be a First Amendment violation of free speech. Hopefully, Jesus won't be too upset about the inevitable death threats that might ensue from Fox & Friends coverage of what should be a local issue but which has gone national in yet another example of how a seemingly harmless morning chat show is really a propaganda vehicle for a network that bills itself as "America's Newsroom" - And that's Christian America to all you godless heathens.

As noted in the Rolling Stones article about Roger Ailes, the chatty pals on Fox & Friends meet with Roger Ailes daily in order to get their talking points. Doocy's script for today was quite obvious as he repeated the same talking points that he used in last week's "outrage" about how folks were upset that "just one person" was trying to stop a "tradition" with regard to a graduation that was being held at a hall owned by a religious group and which contained religious imagery. Doocy started by saying that "a school in Texas "has yanked a prayer from its high school graduation because one student's family objected." (Note emotionally charged "yanked" rather than the more neutral "remove.") He noted that students were "frustrated.". Video of students saying "it's unfair and "we all want to do the prayer" was shown. Doocy introduced Peter Johnson to discuss "how an organization says you can't have any prayer in your graduation." Johnson referenced how Americans United for Separation of Church and State has brought a lawsuit on behalf of a family who objected to the "psychological coercion" which, as noted by Johnson, is a term used by the Supreme Court in a similar case. Johnson said that "this is a refrain" heard every year when "we get this onslaught from a lot of organizations like this and the ACLU "trying to shut down any kind of non-sectarian prayer." (Note use of "onslaught" which suggests a vast volume and the inclusion of the hated ACLU as part of the "onslaught.") He added that "clearly it's done to the consternation of many in the country" who are even more consternated now that Fox & Friends is making a big deal of it. In mocking the family who brought the suit, Johnson asked "Who says I'm not gonna be coerced by having a simple invocation or call to god during a school graduation. How is that the government endorsing one religion over another?" ("Establishment of Religion", prayers, regardless of being "sectarian" are are religious, helloo)

Doocy worked in the requisite talking point when said the e-mails to Fox & Friends ask "how this time honored tradition" (like segregation and miscegenation?) "will not be allowed cuz one family complained." Johnson reinforced the talking point when he said that Doocy's phrase about "time honored tradition" echoes words of Justice Scalia where he "points to a relationship to a call to a deity and the formation of this country." ("Diety - Zeus, the Spaghetti Monster?) He noted that there were many SCOTUS decisions that would "disappoint" those who think that they should be able, as individuals, to affirm their faith. He said that the school printed a statement that said that any comments made during the graduation are not endorsed by the school. Doocy says "that seems fair" Johnson did reference SCOTUS decisions "that point otherwise" because "the area is murky." Doocy wanted to know if this is censorship? Johnson said that there is a "clash" with the First Amendment and "truth is that a lot of Americans are upset about this because it is a long standing American tradition to have a call to a deity. It's disturbing."

Comment: Along with hatred of gays and Muslims, Roger Ailes obviously hates those who object to "the deity" being pushed on those who don't believe in it. Hence this little piece of typical agitprop about those "in the minority" who are trying to take away "rights." Wonder if Doocy knows that approval of interracial marriage was, in the South, not a majority position - yet an interracial couple took the case to the Supreme Court which ruled in their favor. But what Doocy and Johnson didn't tell the audience is that when "AU" asked the school, last October, "to stop sponsoring religious worship during school events. District officials ignored the letter." But Fox News is there to support this school district and any other school district that loves Jesus as much as they do! (Allah, not so much) Let us pray!

BTW, wonder if one of the upset students will be on tomorrow's Fox & Friends.

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