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Fox News Mail Bag, Pt. 2

Reported by Ellen - May 30, 2011 -

Here for your holiday reading pleasure and snark are the rest of the as-yet unpublished emails that seemed meant for Fox News but somehow sent to us. As always, identifying information has been edited out to protect the clueless but spelling and grammar left in tact.

Received March 7, 2011

A couple of weeks ago there was a news article on my Centurylink home page. It stated that with new drilling equipment that some of our oil fields across the United States could be reopened. Traveling across this country when I was young there was one oil field after another. Across Ill., Ok., Tex., N.M. & southern Calif. What is the story on this? I’m so sick of this government beating us to death & playing us for fools. Can you please check this out & let the public know the truth... Thank you...Fox is the only news that I trust & I’ve noticed they have said nothing of this either....

Received March 25, 2011
Subject: demonstrations inside our Capitol Buildings

Mr. Bill Hemmer:

Are there fire ordinance laws that restrict the number of people allowed in those buildings?

If a fire broke out during the last demonstrations in Wisconsin how many people would be trampled to death and/or burnt up in the fire?

Seems to me that this an accident waiting to happen!

Thank God for Fox News!

Thank you.

This one, received April 2, 2011, proved that some misdirected email could be truthful, perceptive and intelligent. So of course I wrote back to suggest the author might want to re-send it to Fox.
Subject: more filth from FOX

What a joke your station truly is, how embarrassing it must be to watch the truth being told across the street everyday at MSNBC ,and all you can do is go after GE because they don't pay taxes along with every other big corporation out there. The most hypocritical thing is that you should be right out front in promoting ideas like closing loopholes for big corporations like President Obama and the rest of the Dems. But what can you expect from the biggest propaganda mission ever unleashed on earth. What an embarrassment for America to listen to your hatefulness and lies. May God forgive you and your families for your part in this deception.

This one, received April 12, 2011, offered some "insights" into Obama's birth certificate for Donald Trump:
Subject: Trump is a newcomer to politics since 2008.

Mr. Trump is coming late to this matter, which speaks loudly. He ha jointed the Long Form BC snipe hunt setup my BHO, Clinton and his SMOM masters et al. to hide the elephant in the room - BHO has dual allegiance at birth to a natural father British subject on a student visa married to a minority aged US Citizen. Mr. Trump is a quick study but has a ling way to go on this one.

Mr. Trump will have to come to me here in Brooklyn where since 2008 I have a NYS Supreme Court case first with (docket # redacted) and now with (redacted) that is directly linked to a SCOTUS Petition for Writ of Prohibition with quo warranto inquest in lieu of recusal of various justices et al. as related to SCOTUS (redacted) for writ of Certiorari. Which are variously posted at he bottom of the web page starting with (web site addresses redacted)

Give me a call Donald

Here's another one I took pity on and advised he had not reached Fox News, received April 14, 2011
Subject: Help

I was wondering if you do stories to help consumers. I have a retaining wall that fell down into the woods 5 weeks ago. I was just told buy the owner of (building company name redacted), (owner's name redacted) that I’m a pain in his ass. I would think since they are in the customer service business, they could get a wall fixed within 5 weeks. They are absolutely horrible about returning calls. It takes calling them 2/3 time a day just to get them to return your call in 2/3 days. Starting next week will be in week number 6 and I was wondering if you could help me get me wall fixed by showing this on TV.

This one, received April 15, may be my favorite:
Subject: robocalls
Mike Fuckabee and his robocalls can kiss my ass. Never ever support this piece of shit.

Another one for Bill Hemmer, received May 21, 2011
Subject: Because You Asked

Dear Mr. Hemmer;

With all the flooding this year, in so many states across America, including Texas, the Dakotas, and flooding problems caused by the Mississippi
River floods currently, - how is it that the media isn't on this, -- like they were "on" the Katrinia flooding ?? Is there not enough interest, or, just a double standard ?? What gives ???

Last but not least, this one arrived on May 25, 2011, asking a question we'd like answered, too:

hey |Fair and Balanced) where was the coverage Tuesday Nite of the election results in New York 26th congressional District?

That's it for now. I'll be returning from my Memorial Day getaway tonight and back to watching Fox - so you don't have to.