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Fox News Mail Bag

Reported by Ellen - May 29, 2011 -

It never ceases to amaze me how many people write to us thinking they are writing to Fox News. Here for your holiday reading pleasure are some of my favorites. As usual, the names and other identifying information have been removed to protect the ignorant and stupid. Spelling and grammar have been left intact.

I'm not absolutely positive this one was meant for Fox but it doesn't seem designed for News Hounds readers, either. Received January 25, 2011:

i love this country or did but the spending is out of controll the
congress needs to learn that they r civil service aand look @ what
they make thee office they have now look @ the civil service at the
people view @ the state level the salary does not come close lets
knock down congresss pay down to the peoples level and see if they
like there jobs and stop buying from chaina japan and lower the
the taxes on theses ccompanys that left our nation star buy amercian
again get rid of the mexcian that have ccam to tis country in the
wrong way if u go to any consrution site in our great country its 75%
mexicans thers alot of jobs right there . people wake up its getting
wrose we must take it back

I believe this one, received February 6, was in response to the Superbowl:

Fox should be ashamed of their choice for Anthem singers. She absolutely stunk!

You guys are better than this.

I was tempted to reply to this one with a snarky retort, "You could start by learning how to email the right party." Received February 12, 2011

Subject: Right On!
When and how are we going to get rid of the Anti-American organizations such as the ACLU, Brady Commission anti gun nuts and all the others trying to destroy our Constitutionally guaranteed rights as Americans? Don’t we the right to protect ourselves also?

What can I do to help?

This one I took pity on and responded with the right email address since maybe they really knew each other, received February 20, 2011:

Hi William (subject was "LaJeunesse")

Did you live in Toledo Ohio when you were younger?

Thank you

This one's subject was almost as long as the email, received March 7, 2011. FYI, Barrett is a regular on Forbes on Fox.


Dear Victoria,

hope this e-mail finds you well. I am american living in SP Brasil This in regards to the Apple and Flash fight with Mr. Jobs.

We are a artist management company www.artnycsp.com/ and we use flash on our web site so does my associate (name redacted).

i have many complaints re apple that they cannot access our site from there I phone

and I pads That is not good for our relations with our clients. What can we do to overcome this problem? We Work with museums

and it would be great, if they could just click on to our site and access Adobe flash. I love flash everyone says to drop it. because

its not the thing of the future. I am a loyal person and i intend to stay with flash. P.S. Victoria i am from SF and i lived in NY for 20 years.

We are doing a "Beat Generation" exhibit next year site specific installation with a museum here in SP Film Photographs sound and film

installation etc. It will bring awareness to the people of Brasil and how the Beats influenced the Brasilians.

Big Hug,

More to come later this weekend!