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Clayton Morris Promotes Prayer As Way To Win Lottery

Reported by Priscilla - May 29, 2011 -

As America's Christian morning show, Fox & Friends does love to promote that old time religion. Conversely, they're not keen on those who aren't Jesus BFF's as shown by the "friends" blatant dislike of anything or anybody who challenges Christians or Christianity which, in America's Newsroom, does seem to be the "one true faith." Today, Fox & Friends went beyond the usual affirmation of faith by invoking what was presented by Clayton Morris as a "miracle." In December, Father Jonathan Morris talked about the "positive power" of prayer. Today, Clayton Morris (sans Fr. Morris) talked about how prayer can get you some serious "scarole" and, as an added benefit, bring home a "prodigal" son. (Actually, not so much despite the chyrons) As a variation on the "name it and claim it" "prosperity theology," this was interesting. And rather than a "miracle" about health being restored, this was about the "Benjamins." But there you have it folks, get your lottery ticket and pray on it (to Jesus, of course) cuz miracles do happen.

Morris reported that a "man's faith has been restored thanks to a dollar and a dream." He introduced his guests Sal Goodman and his million dollar lotto winning mother, Gloria Bentivegna. The chyron under Goodman's name was "Prayed For Mom to Win Lotto and She Did." Under her name was "Wins Lottery After Son Offers Prayers." Goodman described how he had never embraced Catholicism. When Morris asked him about the specific prayer he used, Goodman said that he didn't "really pray." Despite the relentless *chyrons to the contrary, Goodman said that before the lottery win, he and his mom were having a discussion about winning a million dollars. He told his mother that she should ask Jesus for a million dollars. When she said that it doesn't work like that, he said he would ask Jesus for a million dollars. Goodman noted that he was being "facetious" and not serious about praying. (So is that a valid prayer? Where's Fr. Morris when you need him?)

To Morris question of whether his faith was restored, Goodman said he was "working it out" and did recently go to Mass for the first time in 20 years. His mother said that she started bible study last summer and "we held hands and said a prayer for what we wanted." Every week she prayed that "his heart would open up to Jesus." On Easter Sunday, she gave her son to God and said a prayer so that her son would believe in him. After Morris said "unbelievable," Bentivegna said it "was a miracle from God." Morris said "what more do you need?" He continued with a comment about how, in Joplin, MO, "we see signs such as a cross that is left standing. We look for these symbols and we see them and it could be God's way of saying something to us." (Yeah, Clayton. There were probably toilet bowls left standing, too)


"Faith Restored After NY Mom Wins $1M Lotto" (Not so much!)

"Say a Little Prayer, Lottery Winner' Son Finds Religion" (Kind of)

"Lottery Win a 'Godsend," Son Pray For mom to Win and She Does"

"Million Dollar Mom NY Man Find Faith After Mother's Lotto Win"

But this is the best as it clearly reflects Fox's main message and theology

"Praise the Lord for Lotto Win, Sal Became a Believer After Prayer Was Answered"

Fox, a purported "fair & balanced" news network is saying that a prayer was responsible for a lottery win when in reality it's a function of random luck. Unfortunately, as not all prayers are "answered," this segment is just more shameless pandering to Fox's Christians (and possibly a little proselytizing too - get on board with JC and you'll win the lottery). As such, it seems journalistically irresponsible. But keep on praying and you, too, could be a millionaire. Praise Jesus and Fox News!


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