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Hannity And Breitbart Use Obama “Online Response” Appointment As An Excuse To Throw A Pity Party For Poor, Persecuted Conservatives

Reported by Ellen - May 28, 2011 -

Once again, bullyboy Sean Hannity played the victim card as cover for blatant, unwarranted attacks on liberals for “crimes” he’d quickly condone from one of his own. This time, that “one of his own” was sitting right there next to him in the personhood of Andrew Breitbart. As Hannity and Breitbart whined that a White House appointment for “outreach, strategy and response” online was an effort to stifle free speech, Hannity and Fox News somehow ignored Breitbart’s demonstrated record in deceitfully trying to destroy people and organizations he opposes.

Hannity began the segment by announcing that the White House now has a “minister of propaganda.” Hannity reported on the new position of Jesse Lee who has moved “from the new media department into a role in the communications department as director of progressive media and online response.” But Hannity failed to note that Lee is not really doing anything new. Huffington Post reported – in the same post Hannity quoted from - that an internal White House memo said, “For the last two years, Jesse has often worn two hats working in new media and serving as the White House's liaison with the progressive media and online community. Starting this week, Jesse will take on the second role full time working on outreach, strategy and response."

In other words, Lee is just doing more of a part of his job he’s always done. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve had some contact with Lee via email in his capacity as liaison to the online community.

Hannity has never paid any attention to Lee until now – just as World Net Daily reported – tada! – that Lee is married to Nita Chaudhary, described by Hannity as a “high-level MoveOn.org staffer who played a very key role in creating THIS AD (Hannity's emphasis) dubbing General David Petraeus as General Betray Us.”


Yes! Hannity continued, “Ms. Chaudhary had no shame about her role in circulating that ad.” Hannity played a clip of Chaudhary discussing the ad on C-Span in 2007.” “So one has to wonder what General Petraeus who is slated to become Obama’s CIA director in the fall,” Hannity began, “What does the president think of this most recent move?”

I suspect Hannity meant to ask what General Petraeus thinks. Regardless, it was perfectly clear Hannity didn’t care a fig about Petraeus’ thoughts. Because instead of getting anyone who knows anything about what either Petraeus or Obama thinks, Hannity brought on a Democratic strategist and the deceitful, dissembling admitted enemy of liberals and presidential blackmailer wannabe, Andrew Breitbart. I’d love to know the last time he chatted with either an Obama insider or anyone at the CIA.

Breitbart also happens to be involved in a scorching spat with Glenn Beck – whom Hannity happens to hate. Maybe that’s why Hannity didn’t seem to mind that Breitbart has dissembled right there on the Hannity show to Hannity’s face. In fact, Hannity never mentioned a single one of the various other deceits Breitbart has involved himself in. Instead, Fox News gave us a graphic of the White House next to the words “SMEAR FACTORY” on the screen. Well, smears are one thing Breitbart does know about. Just ask Shirley Sherrod. Last I heard, she was suing him for damaging her reputation with his deceptively-edited video designed to make her look like a black racist.

The Sherrod matter was another bit of Breitbart’s background Hannity didn’t reveal to the “we report, you decide” audience. Apparently, it wasn’t as significant as Jesse Lee’s wife involving herself in an offensive-to-Hannity ad four years ago.

Somehow, but not surprisingly, Breitbart turned Lee’s new job into a pity party for himself and other conservatives. He said, “Now (Obama) wants to go after Fox News, AM talk radio, Andrew Breitbart… to try and shut up dissent. This is exactly what they do in totalitarian leftist nations like Venezuela – try to shut people up.”

This, from the guy who boasted he’d take down the “institutional left” in three weeks (more than a year ago), the guy who threatened to use ACORN and other videos to blackmail the Obama administration and the guy who openly admitted Sherrod was essentially collateral damage in his scheme to take down the NAACP.

In Part 2, the pity party continued for those poor, disadvantaged conservatives always at the mercy of the vicious left wing. This time, Breitbart was posing as a leading champion of free speech. “It is the instinct of the left to try and shut people up on the right.” Then, in a classic Freudian slip, Breitbart added, “We want more voices, not left.”

Sadly, Democrat Steve Murphy did a great job of denouncing the “General Betray Us” ad and a poor to mediocre job of denouncing Breitbart. Oh, Murphy put up a fiery defense of Lee, his wife and the left but he could have and should have demolished Breitbart’s veneer of credibility (courtesy of Fox News) on the spot merely by exposing his history.

In case you think this Breitbart favoritism was just part of Fox’s “opinion” programming, FoxNews.com – the website with the words “fair and balanced” underneath its logo - called the video White House Creates ‘Web Police’ Post and subtitled it “Author Andrew Breitbart on new Obama administration position to squash bad press.”

Apparently, Democrat Murphy was just window dressing.

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