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Clayton Morris Attacks ACLU As "Bullies" Re School Graduation Compromise

Reported by Priscilla - May 27, 2011 -

As I reported, the Fox News website ran an article which reported that the Ocean Grove school department and the ACLU reached a compromise on religious imagery in the venue for their school graduation which is a hall owned by a Methodist association. I noted that last week's "Fox & Friends" provided biased coverage in that they framed the issue as one in which the ACLU was trying to force the school to have the graduation in another place which wasn't true as the ACLU asked the school department to make some modifications in its graduation program and to cover the very visible religious imagery inside and outside the hall which, as noted by Doocy, has been the "traditional" graduation venue for 70 years. So all's well - well, not so much as shown on today's Fox & Friends where second stringer, Clayton Morris, lied about the situation three seconds into the segment. And just like Steve Doocy, who "used" a student to promote the anti-ACLU agenda, Clayton Morris used a parent to promote the propaganda. Poor Fox & Friends. The godless ACLU was able to affect an amicable solution which means that the godless hordes of Satan scored a victory over Jesus in the ongoing Fox "News" culture war. Talk about sore losers!

Morris led off with the lie that the "ACLU has been trying to force the district to move its graduation from an auditorium all because one student complained about some religious symbols". (Oh, isn't that always the way when some godless heathen ruins things for Jesus BFF's). Fact Check - The ACLU asked the school to eliminate the Christian hynms and cover the religious symbols - not force another venue. It wasn't a student who complained but the grandmother of one of the students.

BTW, one of the religious symbols is a 20 foot Christian cross. Anyway, Morris reported the changes which include the aforementioned cross not being lit up and two huge bible verses being covered. After Morris then introduced the mother of one student, he said that lots of Fox viewers were "engaged" in this issue. The Ocean Grove parent, Megan McCluskey (who appeared last Sunday on Fox & Friends regarding this same issue) said that it wasn't a compromise because the ACLU got what they wanted. Morris got in the requisite anti-ACLU agitprop with a classic Foxism:" Some are saying that this is bullying by the ACLU " He continued with the meme about the "one person who didn't like looking up and seeing a cross on the wall and some of the religious iconography around the building and says, you know what, I'm going to file a complaint with the ACLU" and reinforced the agitprop: "Is this bullying because of one person?"

McCluskey agreed. Morris read a statement from the ACLU which stated that students would no longer "feel like outsiders." To Morris' question of whether this was true, McCluskey said Ocean Grove is "welcoming and diverse." She cited how the hall hosts secular musical performances. She commented about how the town "united" around this issue. When Morris asked her about the First Amendent, she provided the typical right wing Christian meme that's always used to justify the intrusion of Christianity into the public square. Are ya ready for it "The First Amendment is freedom of religion, it's not from religion. Everybody can have a religion if they want. They don't have to if they don't want to. The town isn't forcing their religion on anybody. You don't have to be baptized to graduate from Neptune High School so I think that everybody needs to put aside their own differences and focus on the fact that our kids are going to graduate."

Comment: Funny how the Christian right don't want their tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood because it does legal abortions. But they don't have a problem with taxpayer funded high school students traipsing down the graduation aisle to the tune of "Onward Christian Soldiers." The elimination of this hymn was part of what the ACLU "got" because the song is clearly a Protestant hymn. So the great big Christian cross isn't going to be lit up. Big deal. What Morris didn't mention (which was in Lauren Green's article) was that students did their final papers on how this case was like the famous school desegregation case (Brown Vs. Board of Edu.Topeka Ka) in which one little girl challenged years of "traditional" segregation. And contrary to McCluskey's comment about how we don't have freedom "from religion," students do, thanks to the Warren Supreme Court, have freedom from saying prayers in public schools. Funny, Steve Doocy didn't say the ACLU was a bully when he admitted that they're weighing in on an issue in favor of religious expression. One would think that Fox & Friends would appreciate a compromise. Oh right, that cuts into the "us vs. them" propaganda that America's Newsroom uses to keep Americans in a continuing fortress mentality. Onward Christian Soldiers indeed.

On and one more thing - how do you think Fox & Friends would treat a public high school graduation in a venue with Muslim banners throughout the hall!


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