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Does “Great American” Sean Hannity Love Israel More Than The U.S.?

Reported by Ellen - May 26, 2011 -

As a follow up to his lapdog interviews with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Sean Hannity debated Fox News contributor Juan Williams Wednesday night about Israel, the prospects for Middle East peace, and President Obama. Although Hannity loves to fashion himself as some kind of patriot extraordinaire, he made no bones about how much he preferred Netanyahu to Obama. Williams, it’s worth noting, was a terrific adversary.

Here are some of “Great American” Hannity’s statements:

I thought the president looked – he almost looked like the academic and here’s Bibi Netanyahu that lives in the real world…

When the president – I thought it was in really bad form what he did Thursday before Netanyahu got here.

Bibi… was like a professor with a student.

I gotta tell you, the speech that Netanyahu gave before this joint meeting of Congress was phenomenal.

The president created the scenario (of getting scolded by Netanyahu) by sandbagging him… It was like you had Professor Obama, Harvard, Columbia, wherever he went to school and then you had somebody who’s living in the real world saying, ‘You don’t understand,’ …and that was embarrassing for Obama. (Hannity did not evidence a scintilla of sympathy for our president’s embarrassment.)

You can’t appease – and I think the president follows the classic policies of appeasement and Netanyahu understands the reality of dealing with terror and evil and Netanyahu’s right and Obama’s weak.

Hey, I’ve got an idea for you, Sean. Why don’t you move to Israel? Of course, there would be way more Jews than you have to deal with here but look on the bright side – probably way fewer blacks!

Video below via Mediaite.

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