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Steve Doocy Promotes First Amendment Free Speech - Religious, That Is!

Reported by Priscilla - May 25, 2011 -

While today's right wing worships the 2nd Amendment, they're not exactly keen on the First especially if it is invoked, by evil, secular, libruls, to stop the march of Christian soldiers into the public square. But when Jesus' BFF's are persecuted, it's a different story. So it's rather amusing that "Fox & Friends," America's morning show for persecuted Christians, would now frame a persecuted Christian student issue as one of a violation of free speech - ergo, the First Amendment. The Christian right is following a Texas court case which involves some students who were not allowed to distribute pencils and candy canes with a religious message: "Jesus is the Reason for the Season." (There were some other prohibitions based on church/state issues.) Parents complained and sought legal help from a Fox fave legal group for persecuted Christians, the Liberty Institute. So it wasn't a surprise to see one of the Christian kids, who started the whole thing, on America's morning bible hour otherwise known as Fox & Friends. Funny, Fox & Friends wasn't concerned about the First Amendment rights of a lesbian student whose school cancelled the prom rather than allow the student to bring her girlfriend. For Fox & Friends, not all First Amendment cases are created equal.

This case fits perfectly into the Fox & Friends meme of persecuted Christian students. A US District Court ruled, on the basis of free speech, in favor of the plaintiffs; but the school has appealed the decision and the case was heard, Monday, by the New Orleans Circuit Court of Appeals. Arguing in favor of the plaintiffs was the Ken Starr who is no longer investigating semen stains but is now president of Baylor University. Steve Doocy wasted no time in framing the issue. He showed a photo of pencils with the message that is a core belief for the Christian crew at Fox "News." The chyron, "Kids Religious Rights Questioned, 5th District Court Considers Candy Cane Case" referenced candy canes that also had the Christian message. Steve said that the case is about First Amendment rights adding "didn't we think that we all had them." (Hey Steve, you didn't care about First Amendment rights of taxpayers who were helping to fund Christian crosses on public land!) He introduced one of the students who was accompanied by her mother and Hiram Sasser of the Liberty Institute. The chyron presented Fox's free speech message: "Fighting for Free Speech, Kids First Amendment Rights in Jeopardy." When asked to describe her experience, Michaela Wade (who had the offending pencils) said that she was called to the principal's office and that was "terrifying." Doocy repeated "terrifying." The next chyron was the classic persecuted Christian Fox & Friends meme: "Silencing Students, TX School Restricts Religious Freedom." Another leading Steve question to the mother: "I imagine that your head was about to blow up." While she spoke, Steve did his patented dumb founded expression.

Steve framed the meme when he said the case was about figuring out "whether or not 1st graders and elementary school students have First Amendment rights. I always thought they had them. What happened?" Sasser claimed that courts have said that schools can't interfere with religious speech and that this is established law. The next chyron doubled down on the persecution meme: "Crack Down on Christianity, School Bans Religious Messages." Doocy, obviously in shock, said that the ACLU is part of the lawsuit.

Comment: Interestingly, a 1943 court case, involving religious free speech in schools, was about the rights of two Jehovah's witnesses to not salute the flag. If Doocy were to find out about that, it would cause some serious system overload. This case does have some serious free speech implications as noted by Doocy. But that was subordinated to the main message which was about poor, persecuted Christians. I wonder if Fox & Friends would be as supportive of the First Amendment rights of a Muslim student who brought candy to give to other students at his public school with the message that Allah loves you!


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