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Martha MacCallum Amused By "English Only" Sign

Reported by Priscilla - May 25, 2011 -

The nativism of today's American right wing is not just limited to immigrants. There's also a fear and loathing of anybody who can't speak English - a fear and loathing that's reflected in ongoing attempts by municipalities, states, and Congress to pass English only initiatives. A while back Fox "News" fed into the ethnocentrism by doing a Fox News report about a "parody" of phone messaging services that have non English options (read Spanish). The name of the song was "Press one for English;" although as the singers utilized a regional, shall we say, patois it sounded like "Press one for Aynglish." Recently, a diner owner in North Carolina (hardly the paragon of places where "the queen's English is spoken) put up the grammatically dubious sign "No Speak English, No Service." (Written in a bunch of languages) Along with the comment that "Our staff are sadly not bi-lingual we speak and understand American" (Huh? There's no such language as "American") this little patriotic nugget was thrown in: "God bless America and all who protect and serve our great country." This was a story with favorite Fox xenophobic and patriotic themes. Thus, it wasn't a surprise that Martha MacCallum, part of Fox's "fair & balanced" "news" team, interviewed the business owner during Monday's "America Live." Martha was very, very amused.

Greg Simon explained that his sign had nothing to do with "ethicity" (must be American English term) but he put it up after he and his staff had a problem with some Hispanic customers who cursed at him. Martha positively glowed as he spoke of how Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh promoted his cause. She chuckled as he commented about how his business has tripled since he put up the sign. She smiled as he spoke of how a nativist group, "Pro-English," founded and funded by John Tanton of the hate group "FAIR," offered to represent him if he faced any criminal charges. She squirmed with delight as she mentioned that people have asked him if he sells the signs because "They want to hang up a sign in their establishment or maybe even at home, who knows." (Xenophobic signs are all the rage in racist decorating trends) She giggled when he said that he recommended that folks make copies of his sign which he's made 1700 copies of. Martha said "wow." She provided validation with her concluding remark: "Interesting that business has taken off. It's interesting and all you need is one person who can order."(So no big deal, just bring an English speaking friend and it's all good.) She radiated approval as she said, "Really good to have you here. Good luck."

Comment: I would like to think that the out on maternity leave Megyn Kelly, with her law background, could have provided a little counterpoint. (Then again....) But no, it was all happy face from Martha MacCallum.

But wait - Yesterday, the sign was taken down. Seems like the owner was taking a lot of heat on Facebook as well as getting nasty phone calls. He said that some folks are saying the sign is racist. (Ya think?) So much for business tripling.

Oh, well...... Asi es la vida!


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