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Hannity Slobbers Over Netanyahu, The Foreign Leader Who Scolded Our President

Reported by Ellen - May 25, 2011 -

Can you imagine if the president of France came to the U.S. and lectured President Bush about the Iraq war? I feel certain that would have engendered a far different reaction than the slobbering approval given to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by "Great American" Sean Hannity in the wake of Netanyahu scolding Obama. Hannity even "joked" that maybe Netanyahu has a birth certificate showing he was born in Hawaii - clearly suggesting Netanyahu is as American as Obama and would be a better president.

Hannity spent three segments sucking up to Netanyahu and fruitlessly trying to prompt him to malign Obama. In the second segment below, Hannity "teases" Netanyahu by asking if there's any chance he has a birth certificate showing he was born in Hawaii. In Part 3, Hannity remains silent as Netanyahu showed what Hannity called his "deep reverence" for the US by saying that he believes the US and Israel are so close in their philosophies that "fanatic Muslims don't hate you because of us, they hate us because of you."


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