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Dick Morris Urges Jews To Reject Democrats And Obama “To Avoid Another Holocaust”

Reported by Ellen - May 24, 2011 -

Dick Morris was back with some more crazy predictions on Hannity last night (5/24/11). First, Morris announced that President Obama doesn’t have “a prayer of getting re-elected.” Morris went on to make a series of dire forecasts about the economy and all the constituencies Obama would lose. Then, to cap it all off, Morris said Jews need to choose between Democrats and a “commitment to avoid another Holocust.”

Morris told Sean Hannity,

I don’t think Obama has a prayer of getting re-elected. I don’t think the economy stays where it is. I think inflation goes crazy and it forces a second recession. I think there’s no way he’s gonna be capturing a huge percentage of the Latino vote having stalled immigration reform. I don’t think the black vote comes out for him in nearly the same numbers. I think he loses the Jewish vote after what he’s doing to Israel and I can’t see kids facing a lifetime of unemployment coming out of college having the same enthusiasm they did last time and I can see middle aged and older white men and women increasing their turnout enormously.

Of course, this is the same Dick Morris who predicted that Hillary Clinton’s 22-point lead in the polls during her 2005 Senate run was a sign her campaign was in trouble and that the Katrina recovery would be "a huge positive for Bush.” Furthermore, while I’d be the first to admit Obama can be beat, the roster of opponents is not exactly formidable at this point.

Even Hannity sounded dubious at Morris’ latest prognostications, cautioning that while such a scenario was possible, “Don’t underestimate (Obama).”

Then they turned to Israel and unleashed another deranged attack on Obama’s recent Middle East speech. Morris proclaimed:

In the late 30’s, Jews really didn’t fight against FDR turning his back on the Holocaust. Now we have a president who wants Israel to have a nine-mile middle border. That’s the length of the island of Manhattan… And he wants Israel to have to exist with that. And as far as I’m concerned, he is forcing every one of us, every one of us to choose between our loyalty to the Democratic Party and our commitment to avoid another Holocaust by the death of six and a half million Jews who live in Israel.

Video via Media Matters.

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