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Sarah Palin Offers Her “Thoughts” On Media Strategies For Conservatives And Newt Gingrich And David Gregory’s “Racist Tinged” Question

Reported by Ellen - May 19, 2011 -

Sarah Palin joined Sean Hannity last night to whine about the “different standard” the “lamestream media” applies to conservatives vs. liberals (and, of course, pay no attention to the biggest double standard-bearers of all – Fox News – because we all know that the only victims in this world are white conservatives). The main thrust of the discussion was poor Newt Gingrich, another white conservative victim. Pay no attention to the Republican firestorm behind the TV screen – on Fox, it’s always the liberals’ fault, even when the words came straight out of Gingrich’s mouth. Palin offered up her own “thoughts” on how to handle the “lamestream” media: First, she told Hannity, you “have to be prepared for (gotcha questions) and overcome (them).” Then, later, she advised that candidates should just ignore any reporters who play that “game.” I’m sure the Gingrich camp will be calling on her soon – especially with regard to David Gregory’s “racist-tinged question.”

First, Palin said, “There’s got to be the preparation on all the candidates’ parts for the gotchas. That’s what the lamestream media’s known for these days… Just have to be prepared for it and overcome it.” She added, “We should ignore the lamestream, leftist media’s criticism of what it is that we say in an interview… don’t let them… make us change our positions.”

Of course, it was Republican outrage at Gingrich that led him to apologize to Paul Ryan but why let facts get in the way - especially if you're on the Hannity show?

Palin went on to blame the media for Gingrich’s problems. “I believe that he made the apology because the media dinged him on it. Would he have made the apology otherwise? I don’t know… Come on, fiscal conservatives, let’s stay strong and principled... Don’t let the mainstream media dictate what the debate is going to be about.”

Yes, and let’s ignore that it’s the right who has been furious at Gingrich for the statements that he made.

Predictably, what really seemed to get Hannity’s goat was David Gregory’s question about Gingrich’s “racially tinged language.” Of course, it would – because the Hannity racism Geiger counter is permanently set to "hyper-sensitive" for slights against whites and permanently set to “ignore” for slights against blacks.

“That was a racist-tinged question from David Gregory!” Palin answered, to Hannity’s evident approval.

As Hannity whined on about the unfairness of the media, he asked Palin, “Is there something that they (candidates) should do when they find themselves in that moment?”

Apparently forgetting her advice of just a few minutes ago, Palin had a new plan for conservative candidates. "To start with, we ignore some of these reporters and their requests for us to comment and be interviewed. We know going into it what they’re going to do to us, to a conservative, so why participate in their game? Instead, Candidates need to get their message out via the new social media, via fair and balanced reporters who will just allow the facts to get out there. Don’t even participate in that goofy game that’s been played now for too many years with the leftist lamestream media trying to twist a candidate’s words and intent and content of their statements.”

That's right, avoid the media while pretending you're standing tough.

Only on Fox News would this woman get a moment of credibility.

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