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Mike Huckabee Involved In Copyright Infringement?

Reported by Priscilla - May 19, 2011 -

As I reported, Mike Huckabee now has a series of revisionist history videos which feature a black mugger and time traveling kids who think President Reagan is awesome. In two of the videos, one of the children is wearing a red "space marine" helmet which is an image used in the popular "Warhammer 40,000" table top board game. Since 1987, the game has appeared in novels and video games. Andrew Hall of "Games Workshop" has forwarded this information to their legal department. Huckabee's "Learn Our History" spokesperson, Kirsten Firdewa, refused to provide the name of the animation studio used for making the videos. According to James Hunter's article on "Bitmob," a gaming information site, "within five hours of speaking to her (Firdewa), comments have been disabled from the Youtube videos, many of them making reference to the GamesWorkshop intellectual property. She has yet to reply to emails." Interesting...