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Fox's Dr. Keith Ablow Trashes Chaz Bono - Fox News Scrubs Article

Reported by Priscilla - May 19, 2011 -

Keith Ablow is one of Fox News' stable of medical contributors. So it's no surprise that as with Fox's Dr. Mark Siegel, Ablow meets the Fox political litmus test. In addition to being a Republican, Ablow also provided warm validation for Glenn Beck when Beck was having some self doubts about having gone too far in accusing President Obama of being a racist. But regarding issues around gender identity, the well educated and cosmopolitan Ablow seems to share, with the more base elements of the religious right, a hatred of those who dare to challenge what is seen, by the religious right, as God given roles for men, women, and children. And "America's Newsroom," Fox News provides him a platform for his bizarre and bigoted world view.

After J Crew published its ad in which a fashion designer was seen painting her young son's toenails pink because it was his favorite color, the religious right freaked out. Ablow contributed to the hysteria with his article, on the "fair & balanced" Fox News website, in which he said that the child was doomed to a life of psychotherapy. He also wrote that children should be made comfortable with their identities that they are born and because of changing gender roles, girls are sexually aggressive and boys "preen" themselves. He suggested that the little boy should have posed with a toy gun.

Ablow doubled down on the transphobia, Monday, with an attack, in his Fox News column, on Chaz Bono whom he declared was still a woman despite his (Ablow used "her" and "she") transgender identity as a man. He claimed that Bono is the victim of a "psychotic delusion" - although he claimed he wasn't "judging her." Well guess what folks, Fox News has scrubbed Ablow's column - without explanation, retraction, or apology. But the full article is still available and it's still ugly.

Gay activists want advertisers to dump Fox News for what they feel Fox promotion of “misinformation, smears and flat-out lies” against gays. It looks like they have a case. Ya think?

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