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Greg Gutfeld Says Minorities Not Oppressed In Totally Free USA

Reported by Priscilla - May 16, 2011 -

Greg Gutfeld is a right wing "comedian" so it's no surprise that his Fox "News" comedic stylings are comedic (?) reflections of memes being peddled by the right wing and its mouthpiece Fox News. Last week, in his "Gregalogue," he used some of OBL's writings to do his patented snark about "liberal elites" and promote the notion that the USA is just so totally awesome because it's "the freest country ever." (Guess when he was living in Britain, he never went to the Netherlands!) And in the process of extolling American freedom, he, not so subtly, suggested that minorities should just STFU about being oppressed and appreciate their freedom!

Gutfeld set the propganda stage when he reported that, according to OBL's files found in the raid, OBL wanted to recruit American non Muslims. Messages were found "pushing followers to recruit African-Americans and Latinos obviously stealing the idea from "Move-On.org." (Gutfeld chuckled at his own humor). Gutfeld asked "why blacks and Latinos" and continued that Bin Laden "recognized them as oppressed in the United States." Gutfeld targeted one of the right wing's favorite targets, liberal academia, while working in his patented misogyny when he said that this is an example of how "your typical tenured professor or that chick that gave me head lice back in college." (Why dies Gutfeld hate women? Maybe while he was getting head lice from her, she was getting an STD from Gutfeld?) He doubled down on the agitprop: "Anyone who believes there's oppression in the United States is either an angry militant or a fat bald guy who still wears "Rage Against the Machine" tee-shirts". He lectured that "basically this is the default premise for tools trying to fake an intellect they do not possess." (Pot meet kettle?) Another right wing meme followed with the comment that the notion of oppression of minorities is something "shared by elitists the world over yet the concept of oppression is alive and kicking in the freest country ever because dimwitted editors, hip-hop artists, and vacuous pop starts keep the lie alive." He referenced how people don't want to leave the US but there's a line to get in. Greg provided more of his misogyny and possible sexual fetish with the comment that "nobody stands in line to get oppressed unless it's by a large woman in leather brandishing an electric paddle." He "joked" that what really "vanquished Bin Laden was that no matter how much you hate the US, there's just so much more to love." He wished the terrorists good luck in recruiting because "even among the most oppressed, they have a really good time."

Comment: If one defines "oppression" as racial discrimination, it's still alive and kicking the USA. Recently, the Justice Department reached a $3 million settlement with two banks regarding discrimination claims by African Americans. There is a recognition that "whole segments of American communities have become marginalized" and as such" there is disparate treatment of persons of color which occurs incrementally across the entire spectrum of America’s criminal justice system." There is also a recognition that "For too long, too many Americans have been denied equal access to quality health care on the basis of race, ethnicity." There is also a racial disparity in school suspensions. There wouldn't be a move for school vouchers and more charter schools if the inner city public schools were given the kind of financial support that suburban schools get.And of course there's that whole racial profiling thing. Anti-illegal immigration laws, such as the one passed in Arizona, would, if enacted, certainly curtail the freedom of those brown skinned folks not carrying the proper paperwork. And as far as American "freedom" - not so much if you're a woman of childbearing age in states (mostly red) where the worst assault against reproductive rights, since Roe, is taking place. And if you're gay, not only do you not have civil rights protections in all states - but you also run the risk of being bullied, beaten, and killed. Perhaps Gutfeld is blissfully unaware of the problems besetting the American minority community many of whom are not "having a good time." After all, he's a white, conservative Fox guy whose got a daytime job and is doing all right. So who cares about those silly minorities who should just be so grateful...

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