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Bill O'Reilly Distorts Catholic Academics' "Immoral Attack" On John Boehner

Reported by Priscilla - May 15, 2011 -

The term, "Cafeteria Catholic" is used to describe Catholics who pick and choose which points of Catholic dogma with which they agree. Bill O'Reilly, who lately has been getting into the finer points of Catholic exegesis regarding hell and who goes there, is a Catholic who supports the Magesterium's position on abortion. But he also believes, as do many of his fellow conservative Catholics, that while it's fine for government to tell a woman what she must do with her body, it's not fine for government to tell rich folks what they must do with their income - especially if that income is used for social programs to help the poor. And that's where it gets tricky because the Catholic Church does teach that government has a responsibility to assist the needy. And because Catholic GOP House Speaker, John Boehner advocates for cutting back social welfare spending, 83 Catholic academics, from a variety of Catholic colleges and universities, signed a letter which used the occasion of Catholic University's selection of Boehner as a graduation speaker to *express their concern about Boehner's interpretation of Catholic doctrine regarding the poor. Bill O'Reilly pondered the implications and, obviously, disagreed with the conclusions of Boehner's critics. But it's all good because, as Bill told Father Edward Beck, he is able to judge people and as he told the National Catholic Register, he is (regarding Catholic dogma) an "independent thinker." And being the good Catholic that he is, Bill started Thursday's (May 12th) Talking Points pontification with a lie about those academics whom he proceeded to smear. Mirabile Dictu!

Bill reported on the letter and claimed that the professors say that Boehner is "anti-life and not upholding Catholic theology."

Fact Check: This is what the professors said: "Bishop Stephen Blaire and Bishop Howard Hubbard detailed the anti-life implications of this budget in regard to its impact on poor and vulnerable American citizens." They stated that Boehner is a Catholic who "does not recognize (whether out of a lack of awareness or dissent) important aspects of Catholic teaching" and they "hope that this visit will reawaken your familiarity with the teachings of your Church on matters of faith and morals as they relate to governance."

Bill brayed about how "entitlements" need to be cut because of a "looming bankruptcy" and that raising taxes, which "left wing academics" propose, is not the answer. He bragged about his contributions to charity. He lied again when he claimed that Boehner was being "attacked" as an "unfit Catholic." Clearly, the letter shows otherwise. There was rich irony in his characterization of the criticism as "immoral" because "only God can make that judgement." (O'Reilly playing God again?) He claimed that the professors were "making a blatantly political statement that has nothing to do with religion."

Comment: Does Bill think that the National Council of Catholic Bishops are making political statements that "have nothing to do with religion?"

"Bishops Call on Senate to Protect Poor and Vulnerable People in Budget Debate

WASHINGTON (May 6, 2011)— “The moral measure of this budget debate is not which party wins or which powerful interests prevail, but rather how those who are jobless, hungry, homeless or poor are treated,” said the U.S. bishops in a letter to the Senate May 5. The bishops recognize the “difficult choices about how to balance needs and resources and allocate burdens and sacrifices” that Congress and the Administration face, but insist that the moral and human dimensions of those choices must be addressed in the ongoing budget debate in the Senate and the nation..."

*Correction: The academics were not protesting Boehner's presence at Catholic University.


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