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Fox News Ignores L'Affaire Ensign?

Reported by Priscilla - May 14, 2011 -

According to Media Matters, the illustrious "Fair & Balanced" Fox News hasn't been spending too much time on what appears to be rather sordid and possibly criminal activities on the part of former GOP Senator and "family values" guy John Ensign. According to some legal experts, the details of the US Senate investigation into Ensign's affair with a married staff member and the subsequent cover-up have "laid out strong evidence of wrongdoing." Now if this had been a liberal Democratic Senator do ya think that the Fox opinion pundits would be as blasĂŠ? One can imagine that Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade would guffaw about how a spiritual advisor called the senator, whilst the senator was inflagrante delicto, to tell him to "put on his pants and go home." One can imagine Bill O'Reilly talking about how this "liberal loon" was an example of how liberals have no moral compass. Sean Hannity would investigate the secret Marxist/Muslim/Communist and generally un-American background of the senator and spiritual advisor. The term "sexual harassment" would be tossed around. The "lamestream" media would be accused of ignoring the story which would definitely be a day long lede on Fox Nation. But as this is a good Republican who, as a member of the conservative Christian C Street brigade, is a Jesus BFF, it's all good...