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Fox News Disses Newt Gingrich – Again

Reported by Ellen - May 14, 2011 -

A few days ago, I wrote about FoxNews.com and Fox Nation giving Newt Gingrich’s just-announced presidential bid a bit of a short shrift. Last night (5/13/11), Bill O’Reilly took it a step further by opening a discussion with Lou Dobbs with an old PSA that was embarrassing to Gingrich, ridiculing it and going on to discuss how it hurts him politically. Will we be hearing about Gingrich's pastor next?

The discussion came up as part of Lou Dobbs’ weekly visit to The Factor. O’Reilly announced that any presidential candidate “is going to be scrutinized, so less than 24 hours after Newt Gingrich announced, this political ad is all over the place.” It showed Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi, sitting together on a couch, talking about how one of the few things they agree on is the importance of combating climate change with alternative sources of energy.

“That looked natural, didn’t it?” O’Reilly said sarcastically, as Dobbs laughed heartily. “Regular Sonny and Cher,” O’Reilly later quipped. He even sang his next line, “I got you, Babe.”

“They were made for each other,” Dobbs retorted.

More serious now, O’Reilly asked, “Does this hurt Gingrich?”

“Without question!” Dobbs said. He said that “just sitting next to Nancy Pelosi” put Gingrich in “real trouble.” Dobbs also predicted this would pose more trouble for Gingrich “than anything about his personal life.”

The discussion then moved on to Senate hearings into oil company tax subsidies and profits.

Can you imagine this kind of joking and teeth-gnashing over, say, Donald Trump’s “investigation” into Obama’s birth certificate?

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