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Fox & Friends Finds Another Persecuted Patriot Pupil

Reported by Priscilla - May 13, 2011 -

And now, on Fox & Friends, something completely different. Just kidding. Today, America's favorite morning propaganda show (and very patriotic) highlighted another of a seeming legion of poor American kids who are being persecuted for their love of the American flag. And like lipstick on a hockey mom, Fox & Friends is always there to show their support. Earlier this week, Fox & Friends highlighted the angst of a Pennsylvania student who painted Old Glory on his chubby cheeks. And today, another Fox blonde, who isn't Gretchen Carlson, showed some love for yet another pupil who is the victim of the evil, librul government educational system. It's only May and "real" America's morning chat show, Fox & Friends, is waving that red, white, and blue like it's the fourth of July!

Ainsley Earhardt reported that a student was told that he couldn't display his flag drawing because "it might offend another student." Right out of the box, Fox framed the propaganda message that the school is not patriotic: "Where's the Patriotism, Boy Told Not To Display American Flag Sketch." The boy's father, John Gerard, said that his son, Franklin, was not allowed to show his flag sketch which was done to honor his relatives in the military. Ainsley agreed. "Of course, patriotic and American." The patriotic student artist, Franklin Gerard, said that he was "offended." The chyron continued the agitprop in a careful choice of wording: "Hiding the Red, White, and Blue, Teacher Says Drawing Could Upset Another Boy." To Earhardt's question (hoping to expose an unpatriotic teacher) of whether the Pledge of Allegiance was said in the classroom, Franklin answered in the affirmative. When asked to express his feelings, Franklin said that he was "frustrated." After Ainsley said that she "was told" that the teacher didn't want to offend another student who doesn't want to say the Pledge of Allegiance, Franklin claimed that the other boy (he named him) said that he didn't care if the flag drawing was hung. Ainsley then read a statement from the school superintendent who said that each school flies the flag and that the Pledge is recited. Ainsley said they she would "let all those Americans, out there who are watching this, judge for themselves."

Comment: Lil Ainsley didn't tell the whole story. The teacher was concerned that the display of the drawing might upset another student who is a Jehovah's Witness and who, as a "Witness," doesn't say the Pledge. It seems that there was a "bit of a misunderstanding" between Franklin and the other boy; but now that Franklin has learned that Jehovah's Witnesses don't say the Pledge he has apologized to the boy. (I suspect that if the other boy were a Muslim, that might have been mentioned.) The Superintendent also stated that Franklin was supposed to be doing other work and not drawing a picture - something that Mr. Gerard, who wants an apology from the school, denies. But here's the best part. In reporting the flag face painting "controversy," a supportive comment by the ACLU wasn't mentioned by the outraged "friends." In today's report, Ainsley forgot to note that Mr. Gerard has contacted the ACLU. There is a Facebook campaign in support of Franklin in which some pitchforker has called for the firing of the "Marxist" teacher. Thanks to Fox & Friends, what should be a local issue will be going viral in the perpetually outraged right wing hate-o-sphere and that will probably encourage the usual outpouring of patriotic death threats which, after Franklin said the boy's name, could be directed at him as well as the Superintendent and teacher.

Fox & Friends - bringing a whole new dimension to American patriotism!


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