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Bill O’Reilly Wants To Debate Jon Stewart Over Common

Reported by Ellen - May 13, 2011 -

Bill O’Reilly, obviously stung by Jon Stewart’s brilliant, brilliant take-down of Fox News’ ginned-up Common controversy, tried to defend himself (and Fox) last night (5/12/11) on The Factor. O’Reilly dismissed the hypocrisy Stewart so hilariously highlighted as "defending dubious behavior by pointing to other dubious behavior," conveniently overlooked his own racially-tinged comments, and then challenged Stewart to a debate about Common. UPDATED: Stewart has accepted the challenge.

“I want to make one thing very, very clear,” O’Reilly said. “We’re not objecting to Common’s style."

No, of course not, Bill. You’ve overtly suggested Common (and, by extension, President Obama) is “too black” for most “regular” Americans but hey, I’m sure African Americans across America are relieved to know you’re down with the style thing as well as your statement, “He’s not a gangsta rapper. But now society has generally accepted all rappers.”

“What we object to is that Common is sticking up for two convicted police killers. There’s no way around that,”O'Reilly said gravely.

I’ll admit to not knowing enough about Common or his poetry to know what he said or didn’t say about cop killers. But I know Fox News well enough to spot a phony-baloney, hypocritical, manufactured scandal when I see one. For one thing, as I’ve previously reported, Fox was praising Common as “positive” before the “fair and balanced” network decided it was against him – which just happened to be around the same time that he got invited to the White House.

For another thing, as I’ve also reported, Fox News has repeatedly rolled out the welcome mat for Ted Nugent. True, he never expressed support for a cop killer (assuming Common really did). No, Nugent just suggested he’d like to do the killing himself – of then-presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It just so happens I saw that Nugent is going to be on Huckabee this weekend.

I also recall how Fox News jumped to defend Sarah Palin’s targets on Congressional districts – including that of the almost-murdered Gabrielle Giffords. And now Media Matters reminds me of several Fox News contributors who have openly promoted killing law enforcement personnel or troops on the air.

As for the White House angle, where was the outrage when George H.W. Bush invited Easy-E to the White House in 1991? OK, that was before Fox News existed but I’d like to hear O’Reilly explain why he never spoke out about that. Easy-E’s group, NWA, has a song called “F*** tha police” with lyrics such as,

A young nigga on a warpath
And when I'm finished, it's gonna be a bloodbath
Of cops, dyin in LA
…Takin out a police would make my day

It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that Bush is white whereas Obama is black, would it?

O’Reilly said, “Jon Stewart avoided the cop-killing deal, concentrating on the good he sees in Common.”

Actually, I’d say Stewart concentrated on the hypocrisy he saw in Fox. In case you missed it in my earlier post, you can watch the Stewart segment in the second video below. And by the way? O’Reilly never addressed the hypocrisy Stewart cited other than to accuse him of using “the classic defending dubious behavior - Common - by pointing to other dubious behavior – (Johnny) Cash and Nugent.” Which, I hate to say, O’Reilly, is pretty much what you were doing by “defending” Fox News hypocrisy by accusing Stewart of not properly defending Common.

O’Reilly played a clip of Stewart’s epic rap and addressed him rhetorically. “I would like to debate you. I would like to debate you about the Common situation because it’s important.”

Then, taking another swipe at Obama, O'Reilly said, "What we do care about is the president of the United States understanding that there are elements in this country who are subversive. Imagine what the mothers of the slain police officers are thinking when they see a guy like Common in the White House?"

It couldn’t be any worse thanwhen Easy-E visited Bush 41, could it?

O’Reilly closed by saying, “So with all due respect, I think Jon Stewart made a big mistake trying to run down Fox News and defend Common and I look forward (O’Reilly jumped up in his seat for emphasis) to Mr. Stewart coming on the program, The Factor, to discuss it.”

So do we, Bill!

By the way, Stewart took another swipe or two at Fox over Common again that same night. Maybe O'Reilly will have to him on twice! That video is the third one below.

UPDATE: Huffington Post reports that Stewart has accepted O'Reilly's challenge and will appear on The Factor Monday night.

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The Daily Show - Common Performs at the White House
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