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Mike Huckabee's "History" Cartoon Features Black Mugger

Reported by Priscilla - May 12, 2011 -

Just when you think that the right wing insane clown posse can't get any more insane, it does! In the spirit of his favorite right wing revisionist pseudo historian, David Barton, Mike Huckabee is putting out his own line of cartoons so that America's young people can learn real history and not that librul jive being forced down their throats by satanic "government schools." In the videos, time travelling kids travel back to the degenerate 70's where punks, wearing "Disco" shirts and brandishing knives, run amok. But along comes a rather grotesque looking St. Ronald Reagan to save the day. According to the kool, konservative kids, Reagan is awesome because he says that government is the problem. Not surprisingly, right wing historian and Fox fave, Larry Schweikart is one of the advisors for this history series which provides information that the librul education establishment is afraid to deal with. But do check out these promo's including the one with the 70's black/brown mugger (maybe's he's just into spray tanning!) wearing a "Disco" shirt. As the setting is Washington DC and the mugger says "Gimme yo money," he would seem to be a caricature of a black man. (The ever popular scary black man!) But it can be yours for only $9.95 for the first video (which gets you $50 worth of neat stuff) and $15.90 for each of the rest of the set which guarantees 100% satisfaction.