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Glenn Beck Returns From The Holy Land As Crazy As Ever

Reported by Aunty Em - May 12, 2011 -

There’s nothing like a trip to Israel turn a fundamentalist into a fanatic. Glenn Beck, the Fox “News” Holy Man, just flew in from Israel and, boy, are his theories arms tired. To begin with he’s found brand new confirmations for his Caliphate Conspiracy because Sunnis and Shia are starting to get along.

Not only does Glenn want to assure us that he’s not at war with Islam, he even has Muslim friends, even though “Many in Islam, in the Middle East and all over the world, have been at war with Judiasm and Christianity for centuries. Does that mean that Jews, Muslims and Christians can’t live in peace, side by side? No. No. Because there are reasonable people—we’re not that different. In fact, there’s a great test of it and it’s called Jerusalem.

All of this is in aid of his contention that a so-called Two State solution for the Middle East is no solution at all and will eventually lead to the death of Israel. He suggests that the Palestinians should be deprived of their own homeland because they [read: evil Muslims] will just build trophy mosques on top of Christian holy sites, just like the did at the Rock of the Dome, or the original Cordoba mosque in Spain, and are currently planning to do at Park 51, the non-Ground Zero, non-mosque in NYC that has the ‘Merkin Right Wing so exercised.

But if you thought that a trip to the Holy Land would make Glenn Beck appreciate the fact that twisting someone words to make a political point is no different from lying, you’d be mistaken. Despite the God’s Commandment “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor,” Beck continued to smear George Soros by taking his words out of context to imply that Soros stands with those who want to destroy America and freedom around the world. Watch:

Like many fundies these days, Beck supports Israel. Not because Israel is worth supporting, but because Israel’s continued existence is important for the End Times to unfold properly. It’s not a support for Jews, per se, but a embracing of the land of Israel—or the Holy Land of Christianity, if you will. Everyone knows* that Jews (among other non-believers) will be going straight to hell the second the Rapture happens.

I can tell you tonight there’s an end game afoot for man’s freedom and the western way of life. And I believe the end will begin in Israel. And if you don’t pay attention, it will all make perfect sense [sic] when the world turns the heat on Israel. If you’re at home and you’re thinking, “Glenn, Why would you be focusing on the Middle East and Israel? We’ve got huge problems here at home.” I hope in the next few minutes you will begin to understand a little more. Israel is—is—is the beginning of what could be the end for man’s freedom.

Beck’s trip to the Middle East, like that of many religious pilgrims before him—whether Jewish, Muslim, or Christian—has only seemed to reinforce his wacky conspiracy theories, as opposed to opening his heart and mind to other possibilities. I’m sure we’ll hear much more about his trip to The Holy Land as time unfolds.

*Everyone who believes that the Bible is the literal word of God and a work of non-fiction, that is.

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