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Fox & Friends Cheers "Patriot" Mob Protesting Non Burning Of US Flag

Reported by Priscilla - May 12, 2011 -

The gang on Fox & Friends loves Old Glory and those who protect the sacred symbol from the slings and arrows of outrageous libruls who disrespect the symbol that, along with the cross of Jesus, is most important to "real" Americans - i.e. those who watch Fox & Friends. Recently, an LSU grad student, Benjamin Haas, threatened to burn an American flag to protest charges filed against another LSU student, Isaac Eslava, who tore down and burnt a university American flag after the OBL killing although it there is no evidence of a connection. After Haas announced on Facebook that he was planning to burn a flag, students and community members (including some teabaggers) gathered at the site of the proposed burning in order to protest. Because Haas didn't have a permit, the burning didn't take place; but that didn't stop the fans of the red, white and blue (and, presumably the "Stars and Bars") from creating a mob scene which resulted in police escorting Haas out of the area for his own safety. So it's no surprise that the flag fans from Fox & Friends would have interviewed, this morning, a super patriotic LSU Student Body President who was just pleased as punch about how the whole thing went down.

The video title is a bit of a misnomer, "Students Stomp Out Flag Burning, Peaceful Patriotic Assembly Organized" as there was no burning and the event wasn't exactly peaceful. But Steve Doocy opened with a video given to Fox Nation. The chyron reinforced the misinformation: "Students Stomp Out Flag Burning, Throw Water Balloons at Protester." Uber patriot Doocy said, with pride, how LSU students "took matters into their own hands." Uber patriot Carlson said that this was because the university had granted a permit for a flag burning "but the rest of the students said nope." She added "they put the fire out with chants of USA." She introduced Cody Wells who "organized the patriotic assembly." In reporting background Gretch said that the flag burning was Haas's right but Wells "got on board with some of the other students and said, nnnh, we're gonna show you what patriotism is all about." Wells said that he didn't do it as Student Body President but as a "concerned American, Louisianan, and LSU Tiger. He did admit that he disagreed with some of the things done to Haas but he supported those who drowned out Haas' voice. In the video of the mob scene, the yellow teabagger "Gadsen" flag was quite visible. He encouraged American youth to protest what they think is wrong because otherwise the "minority voice will seem like the loudest." He stated that we need to make sure the majority voice rules. (So that means teabaggers, clearly not a majority, should STFU?)

Doocy then reported that there was no burning of the flag and that Haas read a statement. Doocy chuckled when Wells said that he didn't get through his entire statement because folks were shouting "USA" and "if you don't like it you can leave." (Ah, the old facile "America, love it or leave it" chant so beloved of the bigots who hated those dirty f'n hippies who protested the Vietnam war.) He stressed that it was the right of the students to say these things and just because Haas has the right to state his opinions, it doesn't mean that it's "ethical, morable, or honorable." Wells said he was proud of how LSU handled this. Doocy took a shot at evil, librul schools: "There are a number of campuses across the country where the majority of students would holler USA, USA." As the shot of the mob scene played, the chyron was: "Peaceful Patriotic Response. Students Sing the National Anthem at LSU. Carlson and Doocy flashed big patriotic smiles as Wells talked about how proud he is to wear his American and Louisiana flag lapel pins.

Comment: Whoever said that when "Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross" must have been talking about "Fox & Friends.


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