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Bill O’Reilly’s Ridiculous Attempt To Pretend Fox News Did Not Endorse Common Before It Condemned Him

Reported by Ellen - May 12, 2011 -

Bill O’Reilly jumped on the phony “Common” controversy last night (5/11/11) both in his Talking Points and other segments. Sadly, O’Reilly painted the “issue” in even more overtly racial terms than Hannity. But in a moment of unintentional hilarity, O’Reilly pretended that Fox News’ previous endorsement of Common was a piece of propaganda fabricated by “far-left” Media Matters because the October 2010 video had been made by a freelance reporter on FoxNews.com.

In a Talking Points segment called, “Another bad PR move by the White House,” O’Reilly said Common “does the usual rap stuff” and is “a friend of Rev. Jeremiah Wright.”

“So why on earth, why on earth would the president and first lady invite this man to the White House?” O’Reilly asked rhetorically. He continued, “The answer, I believe, is that the Obamas do not understand the sensibilities of many Americans.” The screen read, “do not understand the sensibilities of many regular Americans.” Code word for “white” anybody?

In case you’re not sure, check out O’Reilly’s next words: “A man like Common targets a very select audience – young, urban, mostly African American… By inviting him to the White House, the president and first lady tacitly endorse him.”

As we previously noted, Fox News has expressly endorsed Common. But caught red-handed with his network’s hypocrisy – which O’Reilly acknowledged was noted by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney - O’Reilly said, “That is completely disingenuous. Carney’s reference to Fox News was taken from the far-left propaganda website Media Matters which highlights a freelance review done of Common last year on FoxNews.com. Give me a break.”

Actually, Carney's reference to Fox News was taken from FoxNews.com's own video, which I will embed below, underneath O'Reilly's. The interview was posted on FoxNews.com which means, presumably, that an editor vetted it and approved it. If not, that would be big news for another reason. But not even O’Reilly was claiming that.

“The real issue that Jay Carney dodged is about appropriate behavior,” O’Reilly continued gravely.

True, Bill. And it’s a shame you had to add your own inappropriate behavior to that of your other colleagues.

As a result, O’Reilly was included in Jon Stewart’s magnificent takedown of Fox (and yes, he included the “freelance” video) last night.

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