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Bill O'Reilly Claims "Feds Don't Care" About "Dreadful" "Illegal Aliens"

Reported by Priscilla - May 11, 2011 -

Among today's right wing there is a fear and loathing of brown people - especially those who are undocumented immigrants which, on Fox News, are popularly knows as "illegal aliens." This fear factor is played up on Fox "News" where rich, white dudes like Bill O'Reilly play into this all American nativism. Yesterday, President Obama gave a speech, in El Paso Texas, about the need for comprehensive immigration reform. Naturally, the right wing and its mouthpiece, Fox "News," used it as an opportunity to bash Obama about how he's not really serious about border security. Yesterday, Gretchen Carlson, on Fox & Friends, interviewed a Republican (who else!) who said that Obama's claims about improved border security were false. That this congressman's claims were false was not noted by Carlson, as she had a meme to push. In the evening, Bill O'Reilly reinforced the propaganda with his comments about how those scary "illegals" are still coming into the country thanks to the alleged negligence of the Obama administration. And in typical O'Reilly fashion, his commentary didn't tell the whole story and his information wasn't accurate. But what else is new?!

O'Reilly (who certainly doesn't want any of those brown, possibly "illegal" gardeners chatting up his daughter at Bill's seaside manse) led off with "dreadful" statistics about undocumented immigrants. He used numbers from the Pew Hispanic Center. Thing is, though, that in citing the statistics, Pew uses the term "unauthorized immigrants" while Bill used the more plebian, inflammatory term, "illegal alien." Rather than cite any of the real data which shows that the border has been made more secure under Obama, O'Reilly used data which makes it look as though the Obama administration is allowing hordes of "illegals" into the US. O'Reilly worked in a little fear factor with his statistic about non Mexicans, including - are ya ready for it - those from the Middle East (more scary brown people) who are coming through the border. He claimed that the situation at the border is a "total failure by the government, a disgrace." He proposed his solution which includes sending lots more National Guard to the border and completing the border fence which, according to O'Reilly, the "feds don't seem to care about."

Fact-check: According to the Murdoch owned "Wall Street Journal," border fence construction was scrapped because it "has been plagued by technology problems, cost overruns and delays." Homeland Security Chief, Janet Napolitano said that her department is working on a new system which includes "mobile surveillance systems, unmanned aircraft and thermal-imaging devices" which will be "tailored to the unique needs of each border region" thus providing a "more effective balance between cost and capability." She said that "DHS will carry out further assessments on the rest of the southern border to determine which technologies will best help border-patrol agents detect illegal crossings." So on a loofah scale of one to five, Bill's comments that the "feds don't seem to care" about the border is five loofahs with some scented candles thrown in. Oh, and Bill, in his effort to smear the Obama administration, forgot to note that the Obama administration has deported a record number of those who are undocumented. But that might cut the propaganda buzz. Ya think!


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