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Cavuto “Just Asks” If Obama Spiked The Ball By Visiting Navy Seals Who Killed Bin Laden

Reported by Guest Blogger - May 10, 2011 -

By Brian

Last week (5/6/11), Neil Cavuto spoke with Mike Huckabee about the President's visit to Fort Campbell, Kentucky to speak with the Navy Seals who killed Osama Bin Laden. Midway through the interview, Cavuto took a gratuitous swipe at Obama by “asking,” "The danger of being arrogant - as the President put it, ‘spiking the ball,’ but doesn't this risk doing that? I know that's not the intention here, but if you over whoop it up, you’re giving that very impression."

If Obama was a Republican President, would Cavuto have asked this question? I don't think so.

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