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Juan Williams Pushes Back On Fox News’ Torture-A-Go-Go Over Bin Laden’s death

Reported by Ellen - May 9, 2011 -

As I’ve said before, Juan Williams can be an excellent advocate for liberal or progressive stances on Fox News when he wants to be. Yesterday (5/8/11), on Fox News Sunday, Williams did a terrific job pushing back on the It-was-really-President-Bush-And-Waterboarding-that-got-Bin-Laden meme that has been all over the “fair and balanced” network lately.

“This is so petty,” Williams began. “Somehow now, Republicans are trying to say, ‘We must be sure to credit President Bush.’” Adding that Bush deserves credit for having “kept this country safe after 9/11,” (except for that little war in Iraq based on faulty intelligence that has killed more Americans than 9/11, but I digress) Williams continued, “But to somehow say that it’s because we were engaged in enhanced interrogation and that led - and it’s a very, very uncertain path that it leads directly to the murder of Osama Bin Laden, it seems to me petty and it seems to me an attempt to diminish President Obama’s accomplishment.”

Everyone started talking to interrupt him then but he persisted. “What if we got some information by means of torturing people? …It’s not in our values to pull out people’s teeth and eyeballs and secondly… you know what? We can get that information in other ways.”

Host Chris Wallace jumped in and cut Williams off by saying, “You made that point,” and called on Bill Kristol.

Kristol went on an attack against the Obama DOJ over its investigation of Bush-era CIA interrogators for detainee abuse.

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