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Fox News Regular: Environmentalists’ Goal Is To Hurt Mankind

Reported by Guest Blogger - May 8, 2011 -

By Brian

Once again Fox News’ political agenda trumped anything to do with business on one of it's so-called "business block" shows, Cashin' In. On April 30, 2011, Cashin' In purported to debate the link between deadly tornadoes and climate change - not exactly a financial matter. But not even that got debated – well, except when the host made it clear she had concluded there was no link. Most of the discussion attacked environmentalists by suggesting they had used the tornadoes to promote some sinister agenda. So Fox News used the tornadoes to attack the environmentalists.

Rather than the usual “question” asking whether climate change is to blame – which is how Fox would almost certainly have framed the debate if the question was whether or not a Democrat was to blame – the banner read, “ENVIRONMENTALISTS BLAMING GLOBAL WARMING FOR TORNADOES.” But just in case a viewer didn’t pick up the nuance, host Cheryl Casone sneered in her introduction, “They (meaning those concerned about climate change) didn’t waste any time, did they?” Then she moved on to ask conservative/libertarian panelist Jonathan Hoenig, “Are they right or they’re wrong?” As if Casone didn’t know exactly what kind of inflammatory response would come from him.

Hoenig said pretty much just what anyone who knows him might think he’d say. "I think it's unbelievably offensive, Cheryl, to use this terrible tragedy ...as a justification for wasting more money on green social spending… They (environmentalists) use every natural tragedy, global warming, global cooling to push for more wasteful spending on green energy programs. Their goal is to hurt mankind and it's just shameful that they use this terrible tragedy to push their agenda."

Guest Christian Dorsey responded, "The only conversation from a policy perspective we need to have now is how to provide the emergency assistance and rehabilitation to the communities devastated by those violent storms. But that should also, Jonathan, not mean that we dismiss any talk about what we need in terms of green investment for the future. It’s not green social spending. It’s green investment and business spending. The facts are very clear. If we're going to be a part of winning the energy markets of the future, it’s going to be built on green technologies."

Casone took another swipe at environmentalists. "The climate change group has already brought this up. They've been blogging about it, writing about it. This is the reason we need green energy initiatives. So they're the ones that have already kind of crossed the line here, but scientists back in 2007 were warning that we were going to have more severe storms because of climate change."

Regular John Layfield said, "We definitely have something going on with crazy weather… Every megawatt of renewable energy creates 20 long term jobs." Still, he worked in a gratuitous slap at the Obama administraiton. "We have zero energy policy."

Casone also “asked,” “Is it really the appropriate time to bring up the issue of green energy alternatives, which, frankly are still decades away?” Later, although she admitted, “I’m no scientist,” she said, “There are so many factors that go into (tornadoes)… you’ve got to have strong jet streams, warm humid atmosphere, wind shear and then a cold front.” While she spoke, a banner on the screen blared a ridiculously distorted take on the claim of those concerned about climate change, “ENVIRONMENTALISTS: GOING GREEN CAN PREVENT DEADLY STORMS.”

Hoenig said, "It's an agenda that's damaging to humankind, forget the economy."

No challenge from Casone on that outrageous statement.

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