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Greta Van Susteren Gratuitously Works In A Plug For Sarah Palin In The Tornado Zone

Reported by Ellen - May 7, 2011 -

Greta Van Susteren hosted Rev. Franklin Graham ostensibly to discuss food shortages in North Korea. But before that subject was broached, Van Susteren pimped Sarah Palin's tornado relief efforts with Graham,

"Before we get to North Korea," Van Susteren said at the outset of the segment (and after plugging Graham's new book), "the tornado damage... I noticed that Governor Sarah Palin and Todd Palin were down with (she named Graham's charity, which I shall not name because of his recent behavior)."

Sure enough, Graham said that the Palins came to Birmingham, "did a tremendous job, came out and worked almost a full day." He added, "What was so great about that, they went around and they shook the hands of the volunteers, thanked them for volunteering and here they were, working themselves (Yes, for almost a full day!)... The fact that she would come from Alaska down there to spend part of the day with them - it meant everything in the world."

Coincidentally, there was B-roll footage of Sarah and Todd clearing brush. Insert Bush joke here. I'm too tired to think of one myself.

One thing I do know: no matter what the catastrophe, I'd rather have the damage stick around longer than have Sarah Palin arrive for a photo op to help out.

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