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Glenn Beck Attacks Obama’s Visit To Ground Zero Because He Supported The Ground Zero Mosque

Reported by Ellen - May 7, 2011 -

Glenn Beck visited The O’Reilly Factor Friday night (5/6/11) to discuss, as FoxNews.com put it, why President Obama’s visit to Ground Zero was “shameless.” So what was so bad about the visit? Apparently, President Obama doesn’t meet the anti-Muslim test enough – despite having just effected the death of Osama Bin Laden. No, that was not enough to earn him permission from Beck to visit Ground Zero because Obama did not oppose the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque.”

Beck told Bill O’Reilly, “Here’s a guy who was just recently fighting for the Cordoba mosque (the so-called ‘Ground Zero Mosque’).” Beck made an indescribable noise of disgust and continued, “And he wasn’t looking into it. There are serious questions about that mosque. He tried to turn it into a race issue. Here’s a guy who says, ‘I don’t want to inflame the Muslim world with pictures of Osama bin Laden,’ but he’ll release 2,000 pictures from Abu Ghraib.”

Of course, the Cordoba Community Center, which includes a mosque, is not at Ground Zero and the Imam, despite Fox News’ best efforts to smear him as a radical, is, along with his wife, as Time reported,

actually the kind of Muslim leaders right-wing commentators fantasize about: modernists and moderates who openly condemn the death cult of al-Qaeda and its adherents — ironically, just the kind of "peaceful Muslims" whom Sarah Palin, in her now infamous tweet, asked to "refudiate" the mosque. Rauf is a Sufi, which is Islam's most mystical and accommodating denomination.

But Fox News doesn’t need no stinkin’ facts when there’s political hay to be gained – especially if it involves President Obama and demonizing Muslims. So while "We've got a Muslim problem" O’Reilly supported Obama’s visit to Ground Zero, the only challenge made to Beck’s statement was about the Abu Ghraib pictures.

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