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Bill O'Reilly Is God?

Reported by Priscilla - May 7, 2011 -

Move over Yahweh, Allah, Krishna, and all you celestial big wigs cuz there's a new deity in town and he's kicking some serious ass. As I reported last week, Bill O'Reilly seems to be spending a lot of time pondering who is not heading for the pearly gates. But while he does believe that evil doers (and he has a great big list) will be punished, he did admit that only God can judge people - a statement rich in irony given that Bill judges people all the time. After a little soul searching, it is now apparent that Bill has embraced his role as arbiter of who is naughty and nice which is appropriate because he is, like God, "looking out for" us.

Tuesday night (May 3rd) Bill spoke with a Catholic priest, Father Edward Beck (where was that little cutie pie, Father Morrison?) about whether folks should be celebrating the death of OBL. While Beck was uncomfortable with the raucous fist pumping that occurred after the announcement of OBL's demise, O'Reilly thought it was appropriate as "it was a victory over the forces of evil." When Beck said that this was not a Christian perspective, Bill - are ya ready for it - said that he thought of himself as a "good Christian." (Right, his crusade against Dr. Tiller which contributed to a climate of hatred in which Tiller was assassinated was just so Christian!!!) Bill continued his argument that it is perfectly fine to celebrate the killing of somebody who is head of a "criminal enterprise." (So offing those responsible for "Watergate" and the Iran-Contra affair would have been fine?). When Beck said that God doesn't take sides in conflicts, theologian Bill suggested that God does take sides because there is good and evil. When Beck said that "we don't judge evil and how it is acted upon," Bill said - are ya ready for it -"I judge evil." But it gets better. When Beck said that "it's up to God to ultimately decide who is evil," Bill changed his tune from last week when he said that only God can judge people. He said - are ya ready for it - "See, I can and I'm - I'll probably be punished for it by the deity but I think I know Bin Laden's heart." (Is that like when "W" looked into Putin's soul?)

Comment: I guess I can't judge all Catholics based on O'Reilly's theology. Perhaps, like OBL, Bill is twisting his faith to suit his ideology. But it is interesting to know that Bill knows from evil. I guess he didn't think an invasion, which caused massive collateral damage, of a sovereign country that had no role in 9-11 was just fine and dandy? But evil is in the eye of he who judges and if that's the case, Bill O'Reilly is, by last week's standards, performing the duties of God's job specification. Praise Bill from whom all blessings flow, praise him all creatures here below...


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