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Martha MacCallum Helps Debra Burlingame Savage Obama Over Bin Laden

Reported by Ellen - May 6, 2011 -

I’m surprised Fox News hasn’t hired noun-verb-attack-Obama-over-national-security Debra Burlingame, sister of a 9/11 pilot. In any event, she’s always eager to spread her hostility on Fox News at the drop of a talking point. Yesterday, Burlingame was in right-wing clover. Not only did she have a meeting with Obama to personally vent her antagonism, she then got about nine minutes of friendly, unchallenging air time to rehash it all on the supposedly “objective news” program, America Live. Even worse, host Martha MacCallum suggested on her own that Obama was playing politics with prosecutions of CIA interrogators in order to avoid admitting that torture is effective (as MacCallum sees it).

Check out the expressions and “questions” MacCallum asks. For example, the way “objective” MacCallum said, “Really! So he did not engage at all on that topic with you… That is fascinating,” when Burlingame relays how she confronted Obama about Attorney General Eric Holder’s prosecution of the CIA interrogators and the supposed importance of their “enhanced interrogations.”

MacCallum could have challenged the appropriateness of bringing up such a disrespectful attack on Obama during her meeting but instead, she pumped for more by saying, “I think everybody feels – I can’t say everybody feels – when you look at this story of these prosecutions, of these CIA officials who carried out these interrogations – to think that the president has no say over that matter… or is not willing to discuss it with Eric Holder, I, I, think a lot of people might take issue with that.” She then went on to ask Burlingame if she had believed Obama.

Even worse, MacCallum then suggested that the reason Holder and Obama refused to drop the charges is because “it would almost too too obvious” that they had had a “realization perhaps, that the work that they did, may have contributed” to Bin Laden’s killing. In other words, "objective" MacCallum took it a step further than anything Burlingame offered, to suggest that Obama and Holder were continuing with what they supposedly knew were bogus charges to keep themselves from having egg on their faces.

Another day of Fox News "fair and balanced."

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