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Gretchen Carlson Shows Some Love To Patriotic Pupil

Reported by Priscilla - May 6, 2011 -

On Wednesday, the three very patriotic pals discussed how a Pennsylvania patriotic pupil was forced, by unpatriotic school officials, to take off his patriotic face paint. As with many Fox "News" propaganda memes designed to elicit outrage from good patriotic Americans, this meme was reinforced the following day when uber patriot Gretchen Carlson interviewed the persecuted patriot pupil and his mother. Given that this newest outrage is making the rounds of the perpetually outraged right wing, the TV appearance of this little Yankee Doodle is just another example of how Fox & Friends seeks to bring Americans together in a moment of shared, patriotic outrage.

Yesterday morning, after the introductory (and very patriotic) visual of Mt. Rushmore, Carlson reported on an 11 year old who was told to "wipe the patriotism off his face." The chyron: Wipe Off the Patriotism! Student told to Remove Flag Face Paint." Setting up the school principal for the inevitable patriotic death threats, she said that the school principal said it was "distracting." Connor Tressler and his mother (not victims of the food police) recount their sad tale to a very reverential Carslon who thought the face paint was "nice." The chyron brought home the agitprop bacon: "Erasing the Patriotism, School Says Face Paint Distracting". Connor recounted his knowledge of 9-11. To Gretch's question of how he responded to OBL's death, he responded that his mother thought it was a good idea to do some face painting. Gretch had a patriotic smile on her pretty, patriotic face as she listened to Jennifer Tressler talk about how excited she was about the demise of OBL and how it was worth "dressing up" for this occasion as Connor has for others. Connor denied the official school report that he was made an object of derision. After Gretch read the official school statement, she asked Ms. Tressler if she had ever found any specific policy relating to face painting. When Tressler said "absolutely not", Gretch had her patented I-am-so-outraged pretty patriotic pout. After Tressler claimed that other students do promotional face painting, patriotic Gretch said "that's called school spirit and as far as I know anyone who lives in the US has US spirit." (Cept of course for those "illegals," and Muslims)

Gretch, positively gushing over Connor (and why wouldn't she, not only is he patriotic but he appears to love his happy meals) asked if Connor will have to wipe his face paint off before he goes to school. When he said "definitely," Gretch said "I'm glad that we got a chance to see it, alive and in person." She enunciated slowly as she thanked them for "sharing their story."

Comment: Does Gretch know that the evil, librul ACLU said that the response was an overreaction? Nah, that might cut the propaganda buzz! But I do love Gretch's love of country. Maybe she should paint her face with patriotic colors. Even better than face paint, maybe a nice American flag in a discreet location - next to the Fox logo which, coincidentally, is red, white, and blue...

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