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Got Hypocrisy? Bill O'Reilly Is Disturbed By Those Who Put Ideology Above The Truth?

Reported by Priscilla - May 6, 2011 -

Earlier this week (May 4th), Bill O'Reilly and Juliette Huddy had a discussion about Whoppi Goldberg's and Nancy Pelosi's "hypocrisy" in that they, according to Bill, they have a double standard with regard to President Obama. After they tossed that meme around for a while, Bill says "ideology is more important to some folks than the truth... If you can make an ideological point, it doesn't matter...It disturbs me that people put ideology above the truth." Hello, Scuse Me? This is coming from the guy whose whole "MO" is about ideology. The examples are legion; but perhaps the most striking example is how O'Reilly takes his talking points from the anti-choice lobby in his biased and inaccurate coverage of Planned Parenthood. Bill's ideological anti-choice crusade against the assassinated abortion provider, George Tiller, even got Bill a "Courage Award" from a hate group, the Family Research Center. And how about his bogus "war on Christmas" - ideology free? I don't think so! And it's not just Bill, it's his employer, Fox "News," whose right wing ideological bent enabled it to provide Donald Trump with a sympathetic platform for birtherism and the most virulent anti-Islamicists with a platform from which to rail against the so called "Ground Zero Mosque. The anti-immigration ideology of the right wing also pervades the air waves of Fox "News." But seriously, Bill O'Reilly complains about ideology. Give me a break...!!!

No ideology here, nosireee!


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