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Fox & Friends & Another Persecuted Patriotic Pupil

Reported by Priscilla - May 5, 2011 -

In addition to being a haven for America's legions of persecuted Christians, the good Christian patriots on Fox & Friends are also a haven for persecuted, patriotic pupils who are being harassed by evil, librul educational systems. Last August, patriotic conservative students whined to Fox & Friends about how the evil, librul National Park Police stopped them from singing the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial - a directive in accordance with park policy. The red, white, and blue morning crew also provided a platform for a New Hampshire college student who whined about how his evil, librul school forbad him to fly "Old Glory" from his dorm window - a directive in accordance with university policy. And now Fox & Friends brings us another sad tale of another persecuted patriot pupil who was told by his evil, librul teacher to wash off the American flag and "USA" that he had painted on his face in celebration of OBL's demise - a directive in accordance with school policy. Ain't no party like a persecuted patriotic pupil party and Fox & Friends is bringing it!

Yesterday, the topic was introduced in the chatting and joking way that is a staple of Fox & Friends propaganda delivery. As the chyron shouted "Boy's Celebration Banned," Gretchen Carlson reported that a fifth grader was told to wash "USA" and the flag that " yeah,we all know and love" off his face. The chyron brought home the agitprop bacon: "US Flag Frowned Upon? Act of Patriotism Shunned at School." Looking puzzled, Gretch said that the school claimed that "it was some kind of distraction." The kid's mom said all the kids thought it was great and that the teacher didn't have a problem with it. Doocy said that somebody did and read a school department statement which cited its policy of not allowing face painting. The statement also alleged that kids were laughing at the young patriot and that it was his mother's decision to take him out of school. Comments from the audience were then read. The most reality based comment was the first; although that comment suggested that the student should not have painted his face but should have worn a patriotic tee shirt. Gretch chuckled knowingly when she noted that as Fox & Friends has reported other stories where kids were told to change their shirts (a "pro-life" tee shirt, for one), she's not that sure the patriotic shirt would be given a pass. The rest of the comments, supporting the kid, displayed the kind of rank ignorance that one expects from a Fox & Friends pitchfork crowd: Anonymous Viking - "Anyone who objects to showing your patriotism by flying the flag, face painting at school are not patriots" (who cares about them, thar skoole rules!), The Wagonater - "The person who made the child remove his patriotism should be fired and stripped of their citizenship." Doocy agreed. The gang was positively giddy about the tweet that recommended that the teacher should be sent home without pay. When Doocy said that he has heard people say, "wipe that smirk off your face, but never wipe that flag off your face," Kilmeade said "I don't think a union would allow that." (What does that even mean?)

Comment: George Washington would be so proud of the true patriotism shown on Fox & Friends. Ya think?

Patriotic teabaggers respecting American flag

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