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Dick Cheney Talks Up Torture, Martha MacCallum Talks Up Bush And Cheney In The Killing Of Bin Laden

Reported by Ellen - May 3, 2011 -

Martha MacCallum interviewed Dick Cheney yesterday (5/2/11) about the death of Osama Bin Laden. In the interview, she asked Cheney for his “thoughts” about how “the links” of the operation went “back to Gitmo.” Predictably, Cheney used the opportunity to promote “the enhanced interrogation program that we put in place.” But that wasn’t enough Bush administration credit for MacCallum. She echoed the words of Bush administration official Andy Card the night before by making a point of noting that “a lot of people” say the Bush administration “laid the groundwork” for Bin Laden’s capture and killing. In fact, MacCallum never even mentioned President Obama in the segment – though she did ask for Cheney’s advice for “the administration” going forward in the war on terror.

Cheney told MacCallum,”I would assume that the enhanced interrogation program that we put in place produced some of the results that led to Bin Laden’s ultimate capture but I’m still… I need to know more and I’m sure we’ll all learn more over the course of the next few days about exactly what happened and how it was accomplished. We need to keep in place those policies that made it possible for us to succeed in this case.”

As the segment closed, MacCallum offered up, “A lot of people, including the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, pointing at previous administrations and the groundwork that was laid by them, by you and by President Bush as contributing to the success today.”

Funny how that so closely mirrors the words of Bush Chief of Staff Card. He said Bush “made sure that everything was in place so that President Obama could have an opportunity to get Osama bin Laden.”

But while she was ignoring Obama, MacCallum found time to throw out props for the military. “I know you are so proud of our military as are we all.”

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