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Is Palin Pulling A Trump? She’s Suggesting Obama Stole the 2008 Election

Reported by Ellen - April 30, 2011 -

Will Sarah Palin take responsibility for ANY of her missteps? As she continues to sink in the polls (even the Alaskans dislike her), she has come up with a new line of attack on President Obama: Suggesting he stole the 2008 election by improperly accepting foreign money and other “monies that we never did see being accounted for.” Why did she wait until now to bring this up? Fox News’ Bret Baier did not ask. But in another sign of her sinking star, Baier didn’t bother to hide his less-than-impressed attitude toward her comments. (H/T David in Elyria)

In the lengthy interview, on Special Report yesterday, Palin did a lot of huffing and puffing and humina humina when asked whether she supported Obama’s proposal to eliminate subsidies for oil companies. It was pretty darned clear she hadn't developed any stand or opinion. Baier repeatedly pressed her for her thoughts on the subject, thereby highlighting her lack thereof.

Then he moved on to the 2012 election. As Baier unsuccessfully tried to pin down Palin as to whether or not she’d run, he pointed out that since President Obama is already raising lots of money, time is running out for a decision. Palin “defended” her indecision by saying:

I do not want to believe that the American political process is gonna come down to who has the most money. If that’s the case, count me out. Count out anybody who comes from middle class, not having those strings tied to big, maybe, corporate entities and the lobbying firms, and all that influence, and in Obama’s case last go around potentially some foreign money, or monies that we never did see being accounted for. Somebody like me, I would never be able to compete in an environment like that. If truly the American people were going to concede that that’s all it’s about is money. I’m not going to believe that.”

Baier asked, “Are you suggesting that the FEC may find that foreign money got into the Obama campaign in 2008?”
Palin answered,

“Am I wrong to bring up the fact, and maybe, Bret, at this point, you have more information than I do on where a lot of those dollars were that were unaccounted for. Remember we saw much proof of a lot of the contributions to Obama’s campaign, credit card contributions under fake names, and addresses that perhaps weren’t even real addresses in the US, you know I certainly hope that we won’t just give up on making sure that we have free and fair elections. Not just Obama’s, heck some on the GOP too, on the GOP side. Let’s make sure that rules are being followed. We are a land of laws.

The problem Palin has with making such ludicrous, unsupported accusations – that Trump didn’t (besides trying to get Baier to do her fact-checking for her) – is that she’s not new on the scene. Heck, she was Obama’s opponent in 2008. If there were serious improprieties, why did she wait until the end of an interview with Baier in April, 2011, to bring them up, almost as an aside?

But that’s not the only reason why she’ll never get the attention with her conspiracy theory that Trump got with his. As Jason Easley at Politicususa noted, “Whether it was Troopergate or her illegal legal defense fund, Sarah Palin’s political career is full of conflicts with the law.” Furthermore, Easley also notes that while it’s true the FEC is auditing the 2008 contributions to the Obama campaign, there’s no indication so far of any wrongdoing. Something tells me that if there were, Bret Baier and Fox News would have been all over it before Palin.

It's laughable for multi-millionaire Palin to hold herself up as "middle class" or not being rich enough to run, especially since she has already run in several elections, including a presidential one, without a peep on the subject. But if Palin thinks it's a good scapegoat for her declining popularity and support, who am I to deprive her of a desperate effort to save face?

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