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Bill O'Reilly Will See Pol Pot In Hell?

Reported by Priscilla - April 30, 2011 -

Move over Thomas Aquinas, there's a new theologian in town. And while his theologica might not be summa, Bill O'Reilly is rapidly emerging as the most exciting word in Catholic exegesis since the Council of Trent. Recently we were treated to a cosmological discourse (cuz it wasn't scientific) on the divine origin of tides. Bill's sheer profundity also included a teaching about how "God controls the climate." In its April 14th edition, Time Magazine featured a controversial book, written by a Christian pastor, which questions the established thinking regarding the concept of hell and that has provoked some serious questioning, on the part of Bill O'Reilly, about who is easing on down the road to perdition. This was the basis for a discussion, about hell, on Monday's (April 25th) "Factor," between Bill and a Christian pastor who is not of the "bible thumping" variety so beloved by the Christian right. And while Bill seems to have a 21st century, post Vatican II, more inclusive Catholic understanding of who might be heading for the pearly gates (anybody except those who practice birth control, have abortions, have gay sex...), his view of hell is straight out of the Middle Ages or some strange flashback to paddle wielding nuns of his Catholic boyhood. BTW, rather than Thomas Aquinas, it's probably more appropriate to compare Bill to another Catholic thinker, St. Augustine, who, by his own admission, was quite the ladies man until he found the higher ground; although he probably wasn't into loofahs but ya never know....

Bill began by referencing how the author of the above mentioned book claims that "there might not be a hell, that nobody will be punished for eternity" and that "the basis of Judeo-Christian tradition is that good will be rewarded and evil punished in the afterlife." While Bill might be cognizant of Catholic tradition, this comment shows a lack of understanding of the Jewish tradition of the after life which is different from that of Christianity - especially the "fire and brimstone" types. Bill, ever the crusader for justice, snarked to Rev. Jack McKinney, that evil dictators like Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and Pol Pot "aren't going to pay" and "that sounds like good news." McKinney said that the church doesn't teach that dictators are going to hell but virtuous non Christians, like Gandhi, are. He noted that many segments of Christianity teach a literal hell. (Note to Bill - his church never excommunicated Hitler and after his death, German bishops said Mass for the repose of his soul. The director of our Planned Parenthood was excommunicated!) After Bill retorted that his church doesn't make that claim, he summed up the Vatican II theology of the "baptism of desire" which, in a nutshell, says that virtuous non Catholics can be saved because they "implicitly" desire Catholic baptism. But then Bill commented about how, in third grade, he was taught that Jewish holocaust victims were going to hell and that is as "insane" as non baptized children going to hell. He said he did have a problem with the suggestion that there is no hell because "if you say there is no Hell, then there really isn't any regulation of behavior at all. And scripture goes right against that, does it not?" When McKinney mentioned that certain churches teach that gays are going to hell, O'Reilly said that his church doesn't do that. (They just teach that gay sex is an "intrinsic evil" which earns lots of damnation points!) There was rich irony in Bill's claim that his church believes that only God can judge people - but that's Bill whole 'MO." ("Liberal Loons," "Baby Killer"??!!)There was more irony in Bill's comment about how he believes that those who do evil and are unrepentant "will get something when they die." After McKinney said that he believes in a heaven, but not a literal hell, Bill told him to say hello to Hitler if he sees him in heaven.

Comment: As Bill is the archetypal "authoritarian" daddy figure (he's looking out for us and when we're bad we need to be spanked by Bill), it's no surprise that he believes in the threat of punishment as a social control. But wait, isn't the thread of punishment part of the authoritarian totalitarian types of systems promoted by the evil dictators like Pol Pot? How does Bill square the reality that secular societies like China and Buddhist societies with no hell doctrine are able to regulate behavior? The threat of eternal damnation didn't stop Catholic priests and their enabling bishops from stealing the innocence of too many Catholic youth. The threat of eternal damnation doesn't stop Bill O'Reilly from smearing, lying about, and maligning people whom he deems anathema - malignment which seems to produce death threats and, in the case of a brave abortion provider, helped to created a climate of hatred in which Dr. George Tiller was assassinated. So by Bill's standards for admission to his definition of hell - "those who do evil and are unrepentant" (he never apologized for what he said about Tiller), Bill is Satan bait. As such, he just might have the opportunity to say hello to Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao.....


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