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Ann Coulter Still Pretending Fox News Did Not Promote Birther Myth

Reported by Ellen - April 29, 2011 -

Two-time voter-fraud suspect Ann Coulter has either not been watching much Fox News lately or else maybe she has watched it with the same kind of carelessness with which she has chosen where to vote. Or else she deliberately lied Wednesday night (4/27/11) when she insisted on The O’Reilly Factor that “every single person who works at Fox News” had rejected the myth about President Obama’s birth certificate. This is at least the second time Coulter has made this ridiculously false claim.

I’ve already compiled a list of some Fox News persons who have embraced and/or promoted the birther myth. Media Matters found that in 44 out of 52 total segments in which a false claim was made about Obama's birth certificate, Fox News hosts did not push back and correct these falsehoods.

As a matter of fact, Fox personnel are continuing to push the birth certificate theory even after Obama's (re)release of it this week.

Not surprisingly, Bill O’Reilly offered no pushback to Coulter’s false claim nor to her next one that the birther myth was a liberal ploy (he jokingly called it “psyops”) “because it made conservatives look crazy.”

She also "joked" that Obama "seems foreign, as all liberals do, I might add." That really cracked up O'Reilly.

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